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== Shows ==
== Shows ==

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Big Brother (participant)

Jade's PA


Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody, 4th placed finisher of Big Brother 3, former dental nurse and subsequently doyenne of the glossies. Due to a hard upbringing, her schooling was rather incomplete (e.g. thinking East Anglia was a foreign country) but through a combination of street smarts and blind luck she became a multimillionaire and probably the most financially successful BB contestant.

Her telly profile has been maintained in various series on Living TV following her perfume business/fashion boutique/search for a secretary.

Goody participated in the 2007 series of Celebrity Big Brother, but was voted out half-way through the run after being widely accused of racist bullying of another contestant.


Launched her own fragrance called Shh... - you can guess the other two letters.

Famously attempted to run the London Marathon after a diet of curry, chinese and booze and only four training sessions. She thought that the race was 26km, not 26 miles. She collapsed after the 21st mile.

Books / Tapes

Jade: My Autobiography

Web links

Wikipedia entry

IMDB entry


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