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A broadcasting legend. He was initially famous for Play School and Play Away, but more importantly went on to present the many Think series for children - Think Of A Number, Think Again, Think This Way, Think Backwards and Think There Was Another One But I Can't Remember It Right Now, all of which made learning fun, long before anyone had come up with that horrible buzzword "edutainment". Not really seen on TV anymore, and certainly not on kids' telly, more's the pity. But still enthusiastically doing his maths-made-joyous stuff for schools, and mighty fine stuff it is too.


Is father of Zoe Ball and thus father-in-law to Norman "Fatboy Pizzafreak International" Cook. But you knew that already.

He plays jazz drums and says his favourite record is Art Blakey's Drum Suite.

Books / Tapes

Think Of A Number (hardback, 2005)

Go Figure!: A Totally Cool Book About Numbers (hardback, 2005)

Think Box (paperback)

Second Thinks (paperback)


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