Kenneth Horne

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[[Happy Families (1)|Happy Families]]
[[Happy Families (1)|Happy Families]]
[[Play the Game (3)|Play the Game]] (panellist)
[[Snakes and Ladders]]
[[Snakes and Ladders]]

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Call My Bluff (team captain)

Celebrity Challenge

Does the Team Think? (stand-in)

First Impressions

Happy Families

Play the Game (panellist)

Snakes and Ladders

Spot the Winner

Tall Story Club (special)

Top Firm

Top of the Form

Treasure Hunt

Twenty Questions

What's it All About? (panellist)

World Quiz


English comedian synonymous with the anarchic and risque radio comedies Much Binding in the Marsh, Beyond Our Ken and most obviously Round the Horne.

He died of a stroke when making a speech at the Dorchester Hotel on Valentine's Day, 1969.


He was the chairman of Chad Valley Toys and the company that later became Pilkington glass.

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