Kirsty Gallacher

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<div clas="image">[[Image:Kirsty_gallacher_headshot.jpg]]</div>
<div clas="image">[[Image:Kirsty_gallacher_headshot.jpg]]</div>
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== Shows ==
== Shows ==
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[[Only Fools On Horses]]
[[Only Fools On Horses]]
[[Saturday Night Takeaway]] (referee of ''Ant vs Dec'' feature)
[[Saturday Night Takeaway]]
[[Simply the Best]]
[[Simply the Best]]

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All Star Cup

The Games (participant, series 3; co-host series 4)


Only Fools On Horses

Saturday Night Takeaway

Simply the Best

Strictly Come Dancing (participant)

The Underdog Show (participant)


Sky glamourpuss and daughter of former Ryder Cup golf captain Bernard Gallacher. She once appeared on Blue Peter as a gymnast. Now presents the footie for the Murdoch empire.


Her Sky One bloopers show, Kirsty's Home Videos, was revealed by a tabloid newspaper to be one of the Queen's favourite shows.

While on The Games, she complained how, as an attractive woman, it was difficult to be taken seriously... a couple of weeks before releasing her swimsuit calendar.

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