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[[Celebrity Juice]] (as Keith Lemon)
[[Celebrity Juice]] (as Keith Lemon)
[[Keith Lemon's Lemonaid]] (as Keith Lemon)
[[Let's Dance for Comic Relief]] (participant and guest judge) (as Keith Lemon)
[[Let's Dance for Comic Relief]] (participant and guest judge) (as Keith Lemon)

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Celebrity Juice (as Keith Lemon)

Let's Dance for Comic Relief (participant and guest judge) (as Keith Lemon)

Sing If You Can (as Keith Lemon)


Born in May 1974 in Batley, West Yorkshire, Leigh Francis grew up in Leeds.

Basing his career around portraying a series of comic characters, his first TV work was with the former Paramount Comedy Channel. He went on to gain wider public attention for his work on Channel 4, most notably on the programme Bo'Selecta! where he donned a series of rubber masks, styled after famous people, in a Spitting Image style. Bo'Selecta! also saw the characters Avid Merrion and Keith Lemon introduced, with him appearing in the guise of the latter on a number of other TV shows in recent years.


In 2011 he switched on the Blackpool Illuminations, in the guise of Keith Lemon.

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