Louis Walsh

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[[Britain's Got Talent]] (stand-in judge)
[[Britain's Got Talent]] (stand-in judge)
[[Celebrity Juice]] (stand-in team captain)
[[Popstars: The Rivals]]
[[Popstars: The Rivals]]

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The Big Finish (participant)

Britain's Got Talent (stand-in judge)

Celebrity Juice (stand-in team captain)

Popstars: The Rivals

The X Factor


Irish pop svengali who guided the careers of Boyzone and Westlife before becoming a household name through being a judge on Popstars: The Rivals.


He was also a judge on the Irish (RTE) version of Popstars.

Books / Tapes

Baby, You're A Star (paperback) (authorised biography by Kathy Foley)

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IMDb entry


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