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[[Relative Knowledge]]
[[Step Up to the Plate]]
[[Step Up to the Plate]]

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Eat Your Words

Go Getters


Relative Knowledge

Step Up to the Plate

Through the Keyhole


Food critic and heritage spokesman, born in Boston (Massachusetts, not Lancashire) in 1950. Before his spell of fame as a TV host, he was a journalist working for Harpers & Queen and the Sunday Times; nowadays he works tirelessly to preserve our national heritage and has his face on lots of cook-in sauces.


Yes, it really is true: Loyd once had a minor hit single, Ain't Doin' Nothin', as a member of fantastically obscure new wavers Jet Bronx and the Forbidden.

Books / Tapes

The 125 Best Recipes Ever

The World on a Plate


Gordon Poole Agency Ltd, The Limes, Brockley, Bristol. BS48 3BB

Web links

Internet Movie Database entry

Wikipedia entry


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