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<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg|New Shows]]</div>
<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg|New Shows]]</div>
[[Cardiff Singer of the World]] 2019: BBC2 Wales, 15 June; BBC4, 16 June<br>
[[The Family Brain Games]]: BBC2, 17 June<br>
[[Hey Tracey]]: ITV2, 17 June<br>
[[Takeshi's Castle]] series 6: Comedy Central, 20 June<br>
[[A Question of Sport]] series 49: BBC1, 21 June<br>
[[The Crystal Maze]] revival series 3: Channel 4, 21 June<br>
[[Oci Oci Oci!]] series 2: S4C, 22 June<br>
[[Oci Oci Oci!]] series 2: S4C, 22 June<br>
[[Win Your Wish List]] series 4: Channel 5, 23 June<br>
[[Win Your Wish List]] series 4: Channel 5, 23 June<br>
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[[The Great Garden Challenge (2)]]: Channel 5, 2 July<br>
[[The Great Garden Challenge (2)]]: Channel 5, 2 July<br>
[[BBC New Comedy Award]] 2019: Radio 4 Extra/Radio 4, 5 July<br>
[[BBC New Comedy Award]] 2019: Radio 4 Extra/Radio 4, 5 July<br>
[[Shipmates O'Mine]]: Channel 4, 5 July
[[Shipmates O'Mine]]: Channel 4, 5 July<br>
[[University Challenge]] 2019-20: BBC2, 15 July

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Celebrity Craft Masters: Channel 4, 1 July
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BBC New Comedy Award 2019: Radio 4 Extra/Radio 4, 5 July
Shipmates O'Mine: Channel 4, 5 July
University Challenge 2019-20: BBC2, 15 July


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The Great British Bake Off
5 June I like children, and I like baking, but which is better? There's only one way to find out...
Channel 4 have announced the return of Junior Bake Off with a new line-up. Harry Hill will take over duties as host, Prue Leith remains the same as a judge, but Paul Hollywood will not, he will be replaced by Liam Charles.

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30 May 2019 Alan Carr's Fabulous Five
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3 December I'll have an Ó please Briain...
Dara Ó Briain has been named as the host of the latest Blockbusters revival, which will be broadcast on Comedy Central in 2019.

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7 November 42 countries Dare to Dream at Eurovision 2019
The European Broadcasting Union has announced that 42 entries will compete in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel after the country claimed their fourth victory since they debuted the contest in 1973. Bulgaria will not return due to financial difficulties.

19 September Denis Norden
The death has been announced of Denis Norden aged 96 following many weeks in hospital. He was best known for presenting It'll Be Alright on the Night but also presented the game shows Looks Familiar and Out of the Box.

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