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==In the pipeline==
==In the pipeline==
<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg]]</div>
<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg]]</div>
[[Think Tank (3)|Think Tank]]: BBC1, 21 March<br>
[[Masterchef Goes Large|Masterchef]] 2016: BBC1, 23 March<br>
[[Can't Touch This]]: BBC1, 26 March<br>
[[Can't Touch This]]: BBC1, 26 March<br>
[[The Chase]] celebrity editions: ITV, 27 March<br>
[[The Chase]] celebrity editions: ITV, 27 March<br>
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[[The Great British Bake Off|Bake Off: Crème de la Crème]]: BBC2, 29 March<br>
[[The Great British Bake Off|Bake Off: Crème de la Crème]]: BBC2, 29 March<br>
[[Duck Quacks Don't Echo]] series 4: Sky1, 3 April<br>
[[Duck Quacks Don't Echo]] series 4: Sky1, 3 April<br>
[[Too Many Cooks (2)|Too Many Cooks]]: Channel 4, 4 April<br>
[[The Unbelievable Truth]]: Radio 4, 4 April<br>
[[Battlechefs]]: W, 4 April<br>
[[Drive]]: ITV, 5 April<br>
[[The Almost Impossible Game Show]] series 2: ITV2, 6 April<br>
[[The Almost Impossible Game Show]] series 2: ITV2, 6 April<br>
[[Have I Got News for You]] series 51, 8 April<br>
[[Have I Got News for You]] series 51, 8 April<br>

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In the pipeline

File:Square New Shows.jpg

Can't Touch This: BBC1, 26 March
The Chase celebrity editions: ITV, 27 March
Gok's Lunchbox: ITV, 28 March
Bake Off: Crème de la Crème: BBC2, 29 March
Duck Quacks Don't Echo series 4: Sky1, 3 April
Too Many Cooks: Channel 4, 4 April
The Unbelievable Truth: Radio 4, 4 April
Battlechefs: W, 4 April
Drive: ITV, 5 April
The Almost Impossible Game Show series 2: ITV2, 6 April
Have I Got News for You series 51, 8 April
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Semi-Finals: BBC4, 10 and 12 May
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 Final: BBC1, 14 May

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The X Factor
29 March 2016 Your Saturday Night Starts Right Here!
Dermot O'Leary is returning to host The X Factor. The announcement was made almost a year after he left the programme. The 2015 series was helmed by Caroline Flack and Olly Murs and saw mixed reviews and falling ratings. The new series, which will also see the return of the room auditions, will begin in the summer.

Jack Dee
15 March 2016 I'm Jack Dee and I'm Fired
Jack Dee has fired himself as the host of The Apprentice spin-off programme You're Fired! He said "It's been a tough decision to leave You're Fired, I'd like to thank The Apprentice team, BBC2, the candidates and the 'Big Man' Lord Sugar himself for making me feel so welcome but now, in keeping with The Apprentice tradition, I am firing myself. Good luck with the next series.".

Robot Wars
3 February 2016 Dara, Standby!
Dara O'Briain has been announced as the new host for the Robot Wars revival. Angela Scanlon will work alongside him as co-host. The new series will be recorded in Glasgow, and will go out on BBC2 later in the year.

Terry Wogan
31 January 2016 Sir Terry Wogan
The broadcaster Terry Wogan has died of cancer, aged 77. In five decades of broadcasting, he helmsed the Radio 2 breakfast programme, and a primetime chat show. Wogan spent many nights at the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted the micro-budget Blankety Blank, and many other shows.

Robot Wars
13 January 2016 3...2...1...Activate!
Robot Wars has been revived by the BBC. The series, which sees amateurs construct weaponised robots to battle each other in a specially built arena, originally aired on the BBC from 1998-2003, before a brief spell on Channel 5. The new six episode series will air on BBC2 later in the year.

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