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(In the pipeline: Christmas fortnight now out of embargo. This list *currently* covers only primetime on the single-digit Freeview channels.)
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==In the pipeline==
==In the pipeline==
<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg]]</div>
<div class="square" style="float:right;">[[File:Square New Shows.jpg]]</div>
[[I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue]] series 64: Radio 4, 30 November<br>
[[8 Out of 10 Cats]] Christmas special: Channel 4, 8 December<br>
[[8 Out of 10 Cats]] Christmas special: Channel 4, 8 December<br>
[[Release the Hounds]] Christmas special: ITV2, 9 December<br>
[[Release the Hounds]] Christmas special: ITV2, 9 December<br>
[[Celebrity Juice]] Christmas special: ITV2, 10 December<br>
[[Celebrity Juice]] Christmas special: ITV2, 10 December<br>
[[Benchmark]] remaining episodes: Channel 4, 16 December
[[Benchmark]] remaining episodes: Channel 4, 16 December<br>
[[Keep It in the Family]] Christmas special: ITV, 19 December<br>
[[University Challenge]] Christmas series: BBC2, 20 December<br>
[[World's Strongest Man]] 2015: Channel 5, 21 December<br>
[[Mastermind|Celebrity Mastermind]]: BBC1, 22 December<br>
[[A Question of Sport]] Christmas special: BBC1, 23 December<br>
[[Mr and Mrs|All-Star Mr and Mrs]] Christmas special: ITV, 23 December<br>
[[Pointless|Pointless Celebrities Christmas Special]]: BBC1, 24 December<br>
[[The Great History Quiz]]: BBC2, 24 December<br>
[[Through the Keyhole|Through the Christmas Keyhole]]: ITV, 24 December<br>
[[Strictly Come Dancing]] Christmas special: BBC1, 25 December<br>
[[The Quizeum]] Christmas special: BBC4, 25 December<br>
[[The Big Fat Quiz of the Year]] 2015: Channel 4, 26 December<br>
[[8 Out of 10 Cats]] review of 2015: Channel 4, 29 December<br>
[[Big Star's Little Star]] Christmas special: ITV, 30 December<br>
[[The Big Quiz (2)]]: ITV, 1 January 2016<br>
[[A League of Their Own]]: Sky1, 15 January
''See also the [[New Shows#Coming_up|Coming up]] section on the [[New Shows]] page.''
''See also the [[New Shows#Coming_up|Coming up]] section on the [[New Shows]] page.''

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File:Square New Shows.jpg

8 Out of 10 Cats Christmas special: Channel 4, 8 December
Release the Hounds Christmas special: ITV2, 9 December
Celebrity Juice Christmas special: ITV2, 10 December
Benchmark remaining episodes: Channel 4, 16 December
Keep It in the Family Christmas special: ITV, 19 December
University Challenge Christmas series: BBC2, 20 December
World's Strongest Man 2015: Channel 5, 21 December
Celebrity Mastermind: BBC1, 22 December
A Question of Sport Christmas special: BBC1, 23 December
All-Star Mr and Mrs Christmas special: ITV, 23 December
Pointless Celebrities Christmas Special: BBC1, 24 December
The Great History Quiz: BBC2, 24 December
Through the Christmas Keyhole: ITV, 24 December
Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special: BBC1, 25 December
The Quizeum Christmas special: BBC4, 25 December
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2015: Channel 4, 26 December
8 Out of 10 Cats review of 2015: Channel 4, 29 December
Big Star's Little Star Christmas special: ITV, 30 December
The Big Quiz (2): ITV, 1 January 2016
A League of Their Own: Sky1, 15 January

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19 October The points DON'T go to Andy
Andy Parsons has announced he is quitting Mock the Week after becoming a regular panelist on the show since 2006. He will be focusing on his future live stand-up tours and his new podcast.

14 October N for Sandi Toksvig
QI is to get a new host. Stephen Fry is leaving "one of the best jobs on television" after the M-series ends in early 2016. Sandi Toksvig will take over from next year, taking viewers through from N to an unknown destination. "Who knows what lies ahead? It should all be quite interesting." Alan Davies remains on the panel to the end of the alphabet - and beyond?

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