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So You Think You Can Dance: 2nd January
Take Me Out: 2nd January
All Star Mr and Mrs series 3: 2nd January
Got to Dance: 3rd January
Football's Next Star: 3rd January
Celebrity Big Brother series 7: 3rd January
Only Connect series 3: 4th January
The Krypton Factor: 5th January
Bill Bailey's Birdwatching Bonanza: 7th January
Dancing on Ice series 5: 8th January
What Do Kids Know?: 10th January
Popstar to Operastar: 15th January

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Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting
30 November BBC Trust rules against Reef
The BBC Trust has published the findings of its investigation into allegations of fakery against Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting. It found that Reef Television were in breach of BBC guidelines in allowing production staff to pose as members of the public, allowing staff to purchase items off-screen, and restaging events without the original participants. The Trust identified incidents across all five broadcast series of the show. Similar breaches were also found in other Reef productions, Trash to Cash and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. In some incidents, the outcome of the programme was affected. The affected programmes will not be repeated, however following the investigation, the BBC Executive has announced that it "is now satisfied that the company has compliance procedures and training of an appropriate standard" and the company's supension has been lifted.

23 November Yes, he is an Egghead
Pat Gibson is the new Egghead. Gibson, a former Brain of Britain, Mastermind champion, jackpot winner on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and 2007 IQA World Quiz champion, beat fellow Millionaire and Mastermind winner David Edwards to become the seventh member of "arguably Britain's most formidable quiz team".

Going for a Song
20 November Max Robertson
The death has been announced of Max Robertson at the age of 94. Robertson hosted the popular antiques panel game Going for a Song for twelve years, 1965-77. He was also a commentator, associated particularly with tennis, and retired in 1986.

10 November Auntie gets Argumental
BBC Two is to trial the Dave-commisioned comedy debating show Argumental. It is the first time the BBC has picked up an entertainment show from the UKTV network.

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