Man O Man



Chris Tarrant


Hostesses included: Nell McAndrew, Martine Cameron Carter, Lisa French


Pearson in association with Reg Grundy Productions for ITV, 4 May 1996 to 7 August 1999 (23 episodes)


Secretly quite good fun version of a European hit which didn't do quite so well over here in series form, but well enough to come back in occasional one-off specials.

Man O Man turns the idea of beauty pageants on its head. Here, a group of ten men are judged by a ravenous audience of tipsy females. They must try and impress them over a number of rounds (first impressions, personality, party piece, chat-up lines, the all-important 'hunks in trunks' round and so on). After each event, the women in the audience would vote on who they liked the best. The men would line up in front of a swimming pool, and the shows resident hostesses (or in the one-offs, celebs) would one at a time go up to one of the blokes and either kiss him to tell him that he's still in, or push him in the swimming pool to show that he's been eliminated. The last man left won a motorbike.


"Girls, go get 'em!"

Theme music

1998-9 theme: "Horny '98" by Mousse T. vs. Hot 'N' Juicy


Chris Tarrant and some women
Chris Tarrant and some cards
Some men
Some women


Let's paradise like it's 1996!

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