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== Pictures ==
== Pictures ==
<div class="image">[[File:Master bridge hosts.jpg|400px]]''The presentation studio. Later on, the (literal) title card is removed to reveal the playing room beyond.''</div>
<div class="image">[[File:Master bridge hosts.jpg|400px]]''The presentation studio.''</div>
<div class="image">[[File:Master bridge nicola.jpg|400px]]''Guess who?''</div>
<div class="image">[[File:Master bridge nicola.jpg|400px]]''Guess who?''</div>

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Nicola Gardener


Sammy Kehela


Brook for Channel 4, 16 April to 3 September 1983 (14 episodes in 1 series)


A duplicate bridge competition following the lead of the BBC’s Grand Slam, though unlike the Beeb’s series, Master Bridge was an individual contest, with eight players paired up with each of the others in turn. Although it wasn’t explained on screen, the deals had been devised by host Nicola Gardener (of the London School of Bridge, the end credits helpfully told us) and series creator/producer David Elstein specifically to illustrate interesting situations and strategies in the game.

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Martin Hoffman

Theme music

An instrumental cover of Steely Dan’s “Do It Again”. Bobby Lamb was credited for the arrangement.


The presentation studio.
Guess who?
Guess who? (2)
A game in progress.
Top half of the leaderboard, partway through the series.


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