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Alex Zane


Judges: Alex James and Simon Gavin (both series) with Jo Whiley (2007), Lauren Laverne (2008)


Channel 4, 2007-8 (2008 as UnsignedAct)


A search for an unsigned band to be signed to a major label (Universal's A&M imprint) and receive what's described as "the all-important cash advance" - which seems to imply that the organisers don't expect the winning band to see much more money beyond that. Anyway, the groups all go on tour together and the judges vote one off each week. There doesn't seem to be much deviance from the standard indie-rock template, which is a bit disappointing. Where's the original act that will strike out in new directions and transform the face of popular music as we know it? We don't ask much...


2007: Envy And Other Sins (website)
2008: Tommy Reilly

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