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Dominik Diamond and Sairah Awan


LWT/Granada co-production, 1998


Pop quiz for teenies, the only difference is that this is a North vs. South battle rather than, say, boys vs. girls. Everything else are clichés, and quite bad ones at that. We have the typical man and woman duo presenters, but Sairah Awan might as well go home because she does 10% of the talking to Dominik's 150%. We also have the over-used "big fans with light coming through them" set. We have team rounds. We have "spot the link between these videos" rounds. We have buzzer rounds. We have complete and utter tosh.

And it's not as if there's a real competition either, because the teams talk to about half the audience to get their answers. One to avoid (as in "plague").

Key moments

The audience going up to the teams' desks and whispering the answers, right in front of the cameras.


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