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|[[Saturday Night Line Up]]
|[[Saturday Night Line Up]]
|Comedy panel game
|Comedy panel game
|[[Show Me the Honey]]
|Childrens, lifestyle, educational
|[[Take a Hike]]
|[[Take a Hike]]

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This page lists the most recent game show debuts and other shows almost ready for transmission.

For a list of past new shows from years gone by, we have a New Shows Archive page available.

(R) indicates a revival.


Landmark (2) Creative, arts
Ready to Mingle Dating, lying
Saturday Night Line Up Comedy panel game
Show Me the Honey Childrens, lifestyle, educational
Take a Hike Competitive rambling
The Birthday Cake Game Radio panel game
Apocalypse Wow Action and adventure
The Void Stunts and dares
no new shows
The Answer Trap Quiz, general knowledge
Great British Photography Challenge Art (photography)
Quizness Comedy, general knowledge quiz
Unbeatable Quiz, general knowledge
All That Glitters Creative (jewellery)
Game of Talents Lying
I Can See Your Voice Variety
Drawers Off Art, life drawing
This is My House Panel game
Bank Balance Quiz, general knowledge
Darling, What Have You Done to Your Hair? Stunts and dares
Unforgivable Comedy panel game
The Archers Anniversary Quiz Themed quiz (radio)
The Cabins Dating, reality
Growing Pains Comedy panel game
Lightning Quiz, general knowledge
Lingo (R) Words, bingo
Pooch Perfect Animals, reality
TV Showdown Quiz, themed (television)
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