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|[[8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown]]
|Comedy panel game, puzzle
|[[The Bank Job]]
|[[The Bank Job]]

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This page lists the most recent game show debuts and other shows almost ready for transmission.

New shows for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 are also available.

(R) indicates a revival.


Catchphrase (R) Puzzle
Cook Me the Money Lifestyle, business
Five Minutes to a Fortune Mental agility
The Great British Sewing Bee Lifestyle (sewing)
Beat the Pack Quiz, general knowledge
Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (R) Variety
The Common Denominator General knowledge, puzzle
Food Glorious Food Lifestyle
My Little Princess Dating
Britain's Brightest Puzzle, mental acuity
Dan Glo Childrens, puzzle, regional (Wales)
Face the Clock Quiz, general knowledge
Fake Reaction Stunt/dare show
Splash! Sports (diving)


Dale's Great Getaway Travel
Scots on the Box Panel game (television)
Superstars 2012 Sport
That Dog Can Dance! Variety
Britain's Best Bakery Lifestyle, cookery
First Dance Lifestyle, variety, regional (Scotland)
Nation's Best Am Dram Variety, reality
1001 Things You Should Know Quiz, general knowledge
Don't Sit in the Front Row Comedy, stunt/dare show
Handmade Revolution Lifestyle
Hotel GB Reality
Jewish Mum of the Year Lifestyle, reality
Baggage Dating, decision-making
The Big Fat Quizzes of the Decades Quiz, nostalgia
Comedy World Cup Comedy panel game
Cooks to Market Lifestyle
Girlfri3nds Dating
Hoopla Children's, variety
Y Lifft Childrens, adventure
Top Dog Model Reality
Peter Andre's Bad Boyfriend Club Dating
Don't Blow the Inheritance Quiz, general knowledge
Lucky Sexy Winners Comedy panel game
Secret Interview Recruitment
Styled to Rock Reality
The Angel Business, decision-making
Drive to Buy Lifestyle
Have I Got Sport for You Panel game, sports
Let's Get Gold Variety
Superstar Singing, musical theatre
Tipping Point Quiz, general knowledge
A Short History of Everything Else Comedy panel game (nostalgia)
The Exhibitionists Art, regional (Wales)
IQ/NI Regional (Northern Ireland) quiz
Kitchen Wars Reality
Mad Mad World Comedy panel game (news)
Off By Heart Shakespeare (R) Variety, recital
Love Shaft Dating
Blockbusters (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Battle of the Brides Lifestyle
The Exclusives Recruitment, magazines
Maestro at the Opera (R) Variety
Aibisidh Regional (Scotland), Panel game (words)
Britain Unzipped Stunt/dare show
Keith Lemon's LemonAid Variety
School of Hard Sums Educational
The Guessing Game Regional (Scotland) Radio, comedy panel game
Breakaway Quiz, general knowledge
Don't Stop Me Now Variety, stunt/dare show
The Love Machine Dating
School of Silence (R) Childrens
The Voice UK Variety, reality
World Series of Dating Dating
Cleverdicks Quiz, general knowledge
It's Not What You Know Radio, panel game
Jedward's Big Adventure Children's, travel
The Mad Bad Ad Show Panel game, advertising
Pub Olympics Radio, panel game
Sud's Law Radio, panel game (soap opera)
Wordaholics Radio, panel game (words)
8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Comedy panel game, puzzle
The Bank Job Quiz, general knowledge
Bigger Than... Reality
The Exit List Quiz, general knowledge
Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge Action and adventure
Playing it Straight (R) Reality, dating
A Question of Taste Quiz, themed (food)
Room 101 (R) Comedy panel game
The Talent Show Story Documentary
Ultimate Sports Day Childrens, sports
World's Toughest Trucker Action/adventure

Coming up

  • Draw It - A television show based on the internet game "Draw Something". (Channel 4, 2013)
  • Take Off - Four contestants invite their friends and family to take part in a quiz that tests not what they know, but how well they know the people they’ve brought with them. With all four groups fully packed and ready to go, only one contestant will pass with flying colours and win the chance to take their loved ones on a luxury break. Paddy McGuinness hosts. (Channel 4, 2013)
  • Was It Something I Said? - Two teams compete in rounds of quotations, tweets, word play, literary references and famous dialogue from film and television to test their verbiage mettle. David Mitchell hosts. (Maverick Television & That Mitchell & Webb Company for Channel 4, 2013)
  • So You Think You Can Be A Blue Peter Presenter? - Dick and Dom host a competition to find the latest daredevil host. Winner to be determined by an audience vote. (CBBC, summer 2013)
  • Name Dropping - Two teams of celebrities compete to answer tricky trivia questions about famous people from the worlds of showbiz, music, sport, politics and history and along the way unearth some truly extraordinary facts. Sue Perkins hosts. (BBC1, pilot 2013)
  • Good News, Bad News - Jason Manford and three celebrity guests from the world of comedy and entertainment will dissect and digest the week's events in a series of rounds. With the help of our studio audience, they will then decide what's Good News and what's Bad News (Hat Trick for ITV, pilot 2013)
  • You and Whose Army - Two celebrity team captains will go head to head in a series of outrageous and ridiculous challenges, but they won't be doing it alone as they have been asked to hand-pick their very own team members, made up of people from their everyday lives such as neighbours, newsagents, pub landlords, celebrity mates and punters they've snatched off the street. With their armies in tow, all the captains have to do is pick the right person for the right game. (Zeppotron for Sky1, pilot 2013)
  • Battle of the Ages - It's Act Your Age for television but for ITV instead of BBC. Three teams of celebrities (Young Guns, Middle Ages and Golden Oldies) compete in a series of rounds mixing panel games and stand-up, in a gag-heavy, family-friendly show that will appeal to all generations. Many of the rounds and the eventual winners are chosen by an audience vote. Dave Berry hosts. (ITV, pilot 2013)
  • You Couldn't Make It Up - Three celebrity guests compete against each other by answering a variety of multiple choice questions with three possible answers where one of them is correct but the other two have been written by their opponents. Alexander Armstrong hosts. (ITV, pilot 2013)
  • Oh What a Week! - Host Jo Brand tests team captains Jonathan Ross and Jason Manford and their celebrity guest on who knows the most about the week's big showbizzy stories. (ITV, pilot 2013)
  • Reflex - Split-second challenges for people who move on the "b" in "bang". Shane Richie hosts. (Objective for Saturday night BBC1, 2013)
  • Through the Keyhole - One question: "Who would live in a house like this?" The popular panel show on guessing that celebrity's house gets a revival. We would like to inform you that the roles of Sir David Frost and Loyd Grossman will be played by Keith Lemon. (ITV, pilot 2013)
  • Trumped! - Comedy panel show where three celebrity comedians battle it out to 'trump' each other by finding the funniest videos. The celebrity comedians will attempt to defeat their opponents in a range of different categories. (Avalon for BBC1, pilot 2013)
  • Take on the Nation - Live interactive quiz show where the people playing along at home don't just watch the show, they provide the answers to the questions. And not only do they provide the answers, they can also win a share of the prize money without even leaving their seats. (Sky1, pilot 2013)
  • Would You Rather...? - Panel show in which celebrities are asked to "muse over a series of perplexing predicaments, ranging from the philosophical to the preposterous." Humphrey Ker hosts (So Television for ITV2, pilot 2012)
  • Nevermind the Woodcocks - A new panel show about all things wildlife, presented by Chris Packham. (BBC Radio 4, pilot 2013)
  • You Couldn't Make It Up - Guests attempt to hoodwink each other by creating their own versions of novel openings, ad slogans, autobiographies and other textual ephemera. (BBC Radio 4, 2013)
  • Duck Quacks Don't Echo - Four celebrity guests bring an incredible fact with them, such as 'It is possible to start a fire by rapidly rubbing together two cool Ranch Doritos.' or 'You can make diamonds from peanut butter.' But whose fact is the best? All the celebs believe that their fact is absolutely true and they'll argue passionately for why it should win. Lee Mack hosts (Magnum Media for Sky1, 2013)
  • I Love My Country - Panel show based on the Dutch TV hit of the same name created and produced by Talpa, the company of Endemol founder John De Mol. Two teams of well-known British faces from the worlds of sport, entertainment and music, led by Frank Skinner and Micky Flanagan, battle it out in a contest of who knows the United Kingdom best. The show will also feature live music courtesy of a house band fronted by multi-MOBO Award winning singer-songwriter, Jamelia. Gabby Logan hosts. (Avalon for BBC One, 2013)
  • Magical Mystery Tour (working title) - Brendan Sheerin from Coach Trip leads journeys into the unknown. Challenges bring upgrades, or nights in a tent. (12 Yard for Channel 4 daytimes, early 2013)
  • Sweat the Small Stuff - Panel show where small things are big issues and celebrity panellists find a way solve them. Nick Grimshaw hosts with Rickie Haywood-Williams and Melvin Odoom as team captains. (Talkback for BBC Three, 2013)
  • Mrs. Brown's Celebrities - Game show spin-off from the hit sitcom Mrs. Brown's Boys, hosted by Brendan O'Carroll as Mrs. Brown. Two contestants go head to head in a quiz with the assistance of five celebrities from sport, music, TV and film. Once a contestant has won, they will go through to the final round where they will have to use the celebrities' knowledge and brainpower to win some magnificent prizes. (12 Yard for BBC1, 2013)
  • DareDevils - Families and friends are set challenges by the Dare Devil to win money-can't-buy prizes. (CBBC, 2013)
  • Hot or Hotter - The self-declared "hottest" people in the UK meet in a catwalk showdown of incendiary proportions. (Zeppotron for E4)
  • Prize Island (working title) - Couples are spirited away to Endemol's island off the coast of Africa, where they're given challenges, and a prize for being the first to complete it. (Endemol for ITV)
  • My Man Can - Women bet on their husband's ability to complete tests of skill and endurance. Melanie Sykes and Mark Wright host. More: Bother's Bar description of the German original. (ITV, 2013)
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