New Shows

This page lists the most recent game show debuts and other shows almost ready for transmission.

New shows for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 are also available.

(R) indicates a revival.


Big Brother (R) Reality
Show Boaters Variety, reality
The Bachelor (R) Dating, reality
The Beat Goes On Variety
Epic Win Stunt/dare show
Minute to Win It Stunt/dare show
Safebreakers Technological
Street Dance Stars Childrens
The Art of Survival (R) Creative, reality
Born to Shine Variety
Camp Orange Childrens, Action/adventure
Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson Comedy panel game
Pop Up Pop Quiz Quiz, themed (pop music)
Quiz Trippers Reality
Show Me the Funny Reality, comedy
Silent Library Stunt/dare show
The Marriage Ref Dating, relationships
Splatalot Childrens, adventure
Style the Nation Lifestyle, recruitment
Wall of Fame Comedy panel game (news)
Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask Comedy panel game
Compete for the Meat Quiz, general knowledge
Four Rooms Lifestyle, antiques
Gory Games Childrens
Impossible? Variety, decision making
Meindia Dy Fusnes Business, regional (Wales)
Show Me the Monet Art, creative
Don't Scare the Hare Family game show
Gleusta Childrens, regional (Scotland)
Sing If You Can Stunt/dare show
.cym Comedy panel game, regional (Wales)
Glee Club Childrens
Love Thy Neighbour Lifestyle
24 Hour Panel People Comedy panel game, webcast
A Farmer's Life for Me Lifestyle, reality
Great British Hairdresser Lifestyle, reality
It's Your Round Radio, Comedy panel game
Sawl Seren? Regional (Wales), variety
Secret Fortune Quiz, general knowledge
The 3rd Degree Radio, academic quiz
Trade Your Way to the USA Children's, business
The Biggest Loser (R) Lifestyle, reality
Celebrity Five Go to... Lifestyle, reality
Cookery School Lifestyle
Famous and Fearless Sport
Fast and Loose Improvisation
The Magicians Variety
Michel Roux's Service Lifestyle, reality
Penn & Teller: Fool Us     Variety
Perfection Quiz, general knowledge
Tool Academy Dating

Coming up

  • Last Act Standing - A studio audience is split into three sections - singers, comedians, and variety acts. An act from each section is then selected to perform. After the performances, the audience vote for who they want to leave the competition, with that act leaving by unusual methods (unusual if you haven't seen 101 Ways... that is) such as trapdoors and bungees cords. (Magnum Media for Sky1, Autumn 2011)
  • Dilemma - A panel game hosted by Sue Perkins (Radio 4, late 2011)
  • Breakout - Two 30 space tracks stand between the contestants and the prize money. Contestants must decide whether to work their way down one track as a group and share the prize money, or breakout on their own, and cross to the other track in the hope of reaching the end first, thereby taking all the prize money for themselves. Nick Hancock hosts. (Gogglebox Entertainment for BBC2)
  • Driving Wars - Full-size remote-control cars do battle in the style of Combat Cars. (Blink Films for Dave, autumn 2011)
  • Holding Out for a Hero - Contestants compete to win money, with any winnings being given to a nominated 'hero', who is unaware somebody is playing for them. Gethin Jones hosts. (12 Yard for ITV1, 2011)
  • The Voice - Singing competition with a difference (or as it's known to the rest of us, a gimmick). The judges sit with their backs to each contestant as they audition, meaning the only thing they have to base their opinion on is the contestant's voice. Based on the Dutch format, The Voice of Holland. (Shed Media for BBC1, 2012)
  • Off By Heart Shakespeare - Children compete at reciting bits of Shakespeare from memory. Declaiming rather than acting. More details on the BBC Schools programme site. (Silver River for BBC Two, April 2012)
  • Keep It In The Family - general knowledge quiz for parents and their children. Fred MacAulay hosts. (Radio 4 Extra)
  • Junior Bake Off - just as it sounds, a children's version of The Great British Bake Off. (Love Productions for CBBC)
  • Real Food Cook Off - Home cooks submit their so-called Real Food recipes via a website. The judges then taste-test the recipes before inviting eight of the home cooks to compete in the studio in order to be crowned Britain's best Real Food chef. Presented by Matt Dawson and Lisa Faulkner. Advertiser-funded by Tesco. (Brand New Media for Channel 5 and Good Food, September 2011)
  • Discovered by Katie Price (working title) - Katie Price conducts a nationwide search to find an undiscovered modelling talent. The winner gets to front a commercial marketing campaign. (Marvellous Creative Group for Sky Living, Autumn 2011)
  • The Devil's Dinner Party - Diners compete to be the best guest. (ITV Studios for Sky Atlantic, pilot 2011)
  • Red or Black - You Bet! + big prize + Ant and Dec. Contestants gamble on the outcome of stunts for the chance to win a million quid. (ITV Studios/Syco for ITV1, autumn 2011)
  • Perfect... - Two professional chefs compete to make the perfect [whatever]. A bit Ready Steady Cook-ish, we reckon. (Optomen for Good Food)
  • There's No Taste Like Home - Gino D'Acampo travels the land seeking people with original recipes. In each programme, three compete and the winning dish goes on the regular menu in a local restaurant. (ITV Studios for ITV1)
  • College of Knowledge - panel game pitched somewhere between School's Out and QI. Milton Jones hosts. (Pozzitive Productions for Dave)
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