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|[[Class Distinction]]
|[[Class Distinction]]
|[[Club Cupid]]
|[[Cooking It]]
|[[Cooking It]]

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The Big Finish Quiz, themed (recent events)
Extinct: The Quiz Quiz, themed (wildlife)
The Re-Inventors Technological
Viewer of the Year Quiz, themed (television)
Celebrity Scissorhands Reality
Codex Quiz (themed), history
Dickinson's Real Deal Lifestyle
Keep Your Hair On Childrens
Popcorn Comedy panel game
Battle of the Geeks Technology, Action/Adventure
The Big Idea Technological
Break with the Boss Business
Cirque de Celebrité Reality
Class Distinction Academic
Club Cupid Dating
Cooking It Lifestyle
Hard Sell Lifestyle
In the Grid Family game show
The Race Reality, sport
The Slammer Variety
Take It or Leave It Family game show
Tipit Family game show
Unanimous Reality
The Unbelievable Truth Radio, panel game
The All Star Talent Show Variety, stunt/dare show
Best of the Worst Comedy panel game
1 vs 100 Quiz, general knowledge
Interior Rivalry Lifestyle, business
Legal Brain Quiz, themed (law)
Let Me Entertain You Variety
Britain's Top Dog Lifestyle
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?   Variety, reality
Only Fools On Horses Sport
PokerFace Quiz, general knowledge
Sport Relief Gets Sub'd Childrens, Sport
The Ultimate West Wing Challenge Quiz, themed (West Wing)
Nobody's Inn Lifestyle
Beat the Boss Childrens
House of Games Puzzle
Kitchen Showdown Lifestyle
Never Mind the Full Stops Panel game
Bullseye (R) Family game show
Classic Comeback Quiz, themed (TV nostalgia)
Great British Menu Lifestyle
The Mint Puzzle
School's Out Comedy panel game
Showbiz Poker Poker
Sitcom Showdown Quiz, themed (sitcoms)
That'll Test 'Em Quiz, themed (the school curriculum)
Television Top of the Form (R) Quiz, academic
no new shows
Beauty and the Geek Reality
Just the Two of Us Variety
Perfect Housewife Lifestyle
Petrolheads Comedy panel game, stunt/dare show
Britain's Psychic Challenge Reality
Dancing on Ice Variety
Shipwrecked Reality
Soapstar Superstar    Variety


Millionaire Manor Family game show
Space Cadets Action/adventure, reality
Sudo-Q Puzzle
Vorderman's Big Brain Game Puzzle
Bamboozle Stunt/dare show
The Deadly Knowledge Show Quiz, general knowledge
Fact Hunt Quiz, general knowledge
The Golden Lot Quiz, themed (antiques)
Make Me a Million Educational
Win Your Own Home Lifestyle
A Brush with Fame Lifestyle
The Biggest Loser UK Lifestyle, reality
Commando VIP Action/Adventure, reality
Deal or No Deal Family game show
Mighty Truck of Stuff Childrens
The Name's the Same (R) Panel game
Play it Again Game show documentary
What's My Line? (R) Panel game
Art School Lifestyle
Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon (RFamily gameshow
Britain's Next Top Model Reality
Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver Live! Reality, lifestyle
Hot Tub Ranking Reality
ITV Soap Challenge Quiz, themed (ITV soap operas)
Mechannibals Technological
Name That Tone Childrens
Stars in Fast Cars Stunt/dare show
All Star Cup Sports
Late Night Poker Ace Sports
Quizmania Puzzle
Vegas Virgins Reality
Watching the Detectives Quiz, themed (crime & detectives)
All Star Poker Challenge Sports
Dealing with Dickinson Lifestyle, educational
Harry Potter at the Castle Quiz, themed (Harry Potter)
Keeping Up with the Joneses Lifestyle
Natural Born Dealers Lifestyle
Rock Around the Block Lifestyle, variety
Spelling Bee Quiz, themed (spelling)
Vorderman's Sudoku Live Puzzle
The Big Call Quiz, general knowledge
Cash Cab Quiz, general knowledge
Chef V Britain Lifestyle
8 Out of 10 Cats Comedy panel game
Fat Families Lifestyle
Ladette to Lady Lifestyle, reality
Mock the Week Comedy panel game
Back in the Day Quiz, themed (recent history)
Celebrity Love Island Reality
Date My Daughter Dating
Mind Your Manners Lifestyle
Sky Quiz Live Puzzle
Ask the Family (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Celebrity Wrestling Sports, reality
Perseverance Quiz, general knowledge
Playing it Straight Reality, dating
Splash Camp Childrens, sports
Coach Trip Lifestyle
Dance Factory Childrens
Dance Film Academy Variety
The Great Garden Challenge Lifestyle
Strictly Dance Fever Variety
The Apprentice Reality
Desperately Seeking Sheila Dating, reality
Masterchef Goes Large Lifestyle
Come Dine with Me Lifestyle
Dealing Duel See: Natural Born Dealers
Dragons' Den Educational
Geronimo! Technological
Name Your Price Lifestyle
Scream! If You Want to Get Off Action/adventure
29 Minutes of Fame Panel game / Quiz, themed (celebrities)
Vote for Me Educational


The Big Fat Quiz of the Year Quiz, themed (recent events)
Fighting Talk Panel game
I'm an Aussie... Get Me Out of Here! Reality
Can't Sing Singers Variety
Ed Vs Spencer Stunt/dare show
Fool Around... Dating, reality
Hard Spell Childrens
Hard Spell Abbey Childrens
9 Live Quiz TV Puzzle
Play the Game Childrens
The Simpsons Quiz Show Quiz, themed (The Simpsons)
Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting Lifestyle
Too Many Cooks Lifestyle
What the Butler Saw Reality
Beg, Borrow or Steal Quiz, general knowledge
Big Art Challenge Lifestyle
Deck Dates Dating
Fat Chance Lifestyle
The Match Sports
The 1970s Office Reality
Bognor or Bust Quiz, themed (current affairs)
The Farm Reality
The Jules and Lulu Show Lifestyle
Public Opinion Panel game
Scary Sleepover Childrens
The X Factor Variety
The Block Lifestyle
The Great Love Swindle Dating, reality
House of Games Family game show
Junior Mastermind Quiz, general knowledge
Private Stars Reality
Road Raja Action/adventure
The Agents Childrens
Britain's Toughest Family Action/adventure
Headjam Quiz, themed (pop culture)
House Race Lifestyle
Passport to Paradise Family game show
Simply the Best Family game show
Spy Action/adventure, reality
Car Hunt Lifestyle
The Cram Quiz, themed (current affairs)
The Interrogators Reality
Spy Chief for a Day Decision Making
Star Sale Lifestyle
Boot Sale Treasure Hunt Lifestyle
Hell's Kitchen Lifestyle, reality
Strictly Come Dancing Variety
Blank Screen Puzzle
Building the Dream Lifestyle
Come and Have a Go If You Think You're Smart Enough Quiz, general knowledge
Home Values Lifestyle
Million Pound Hoax Stunt/dare show
Monster Garage Technological
Superhuman Action/adventure
Trouble in Paradise Lifestyle
Win, Lose or Draw Late Panel game
Bamzooki Childrens
Best of Friends Childrens
Memory Bank Puzzle
The Other Boat Race Sports
Zero to Hero Technological
Back to Reality Reality
The Carrot or the Stick Reality
Crisis Command: Could You Run The Country? Puzzle
Eliminator Childrens
Love on a Saturday Night Dating
The Price of Fish Quiz, general knowledge
There's Something About Miriam Dating
Three's a Crowd Dating
Traitor Puzzle
24 Hour Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Beat the Nation Quiz, general knowledge
Britain's Hardest Action/adventure
Crazy Drivers Quiz, themed (motoring)
Demolition Day Technological
Didn't They Do Well! Quiz, general knowledge
Inside Clyde Childrens
The Great British Test Quiz, themed (various)
Hercules Action/adventure
Mutant Machines Technological
The Sack Race Stunt/dare show
Shattered Reality
Spook Squad Childrens
Star Portraits Lifestyle
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