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|[[The Million Pound Drop]]
|[[The Million Pound Drop Live]]
|Quiz, general knowledge
|Quiz, general knowledge

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Coronation Street: The Big 50 Quiz, themed (soap opera)
The Right Notes in the Wrong Order Radio, panel game (music)
Stars and Strikes Sports (ten-pin bowling)
Busnes-a Children's, business, regional (Wales)
Drop Zone Action/adventure
Four in a Bed Lifestyle
Meet the Parents Hidden camera
The Hairy Bikers' Cook Off Lifestyle
The Love Bus Dating
Mark Watson Kicks Off Sports
Monte Carlo or Bust Action/adventure
My Genius Idea Childrens
Party Wars Lifestyle
Street Market Chefs Lifestyle
Deg Jonathan Sports
Fee Fi Fo Yum Childrens
The King is Dead Comedy panel game
Beer & Pizza Club Comedy panel game
Secret Dealers Lifestyle
71 Degrees North Action/adventure
The Boss is Coming to Dinner Reality
Buzz and Tell Childrens
Dinner Date Dating
The Great British Bake Off Lifestyle
Must Be the Music Variety, reality
Take it Like a Fan Sports
Antiques Master Quiz, themed (antiques)
Celebrity Pressure Cooker Lifestyle
Don't Stop Believing Variety, reality
Escape in Time Lifestyle, educational
Magic Numbers Variety
Odd One In Panel game
101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow Family game show
Ten Mile Menu Lifestyle
Never Write Off the Germans Radio, comedy panel game
Family Food Fight Lifestyle
The Great Cake Bake Lifestyle
The Million Pound Drop Live Quiz, general knowledge
Mission: 2110 Childrens
Scream If You Know the Answer! Stunt/dare show
So Wrong It's Right Radio, comedy panel game
Cwis Cymru Quiz, regional (Wales)
The Door Stunt/dare show
Iron Chef UK Lifestyle
Kitchen Burnout Reality
The Whole 19 Yards Family game show
Three in a Bed Lifestyle
Your Hobby or Mine? Lifestyle
Antiques Road Trip Lifestyle
Auction Party Lifestyle
Country House Cooking Contest Lifestyle
The Fizzy Quiz Show Comedy panel game (British Asian culture)
A League of Their Own Comedy panel game (sports)
Over the Rainbow Variety, reality
The Umpire Strikes Back Comedy panel game (sports)
Brides On a Bus Reality
The Bubble Comedy panel game (news)
Dancing on Wheels Variety
Michael Winner's Dining Stars Lifestyle
House of the Year Lifestyle, regional (Northern Ireland)
Instant Restaurant Lifestyle
Kitchen Sink to Catwalk Reality
Mastercrafts Lifestyle
May the Best House Win Lifestyle, property
Push the Button Family game show
Ultimate Traveller Lifestyle
Bill Bailey's Birdwatching Bonanza Quiz, themed (birdwatching)
Football's Next Star Sports
Popstar to Operastar Variety, reality (music)
Relic - Guardians of the Museum Childrens
Sibling Rivalry Regional (Wales), family relationships
So You Think You Can Dance Variety, reality
Take Me Out Dating
What Do Kids Know? Family game show


Beat the Newsmaker Radio quiz, themed (news)
Got to Dance Variety, reality
Heads or Tails Decision Making
Move Like Michael Jackson Variety
Copycats Childrens
School of Saatchi Reality, creative
Sell Me the Answer Quiz, general knowledge
Young Talent of the Year Lifestyle
Britain's Best Brain Puzzle
Family Supercooks Lifestyle
Fferm Ffactor Competitive farming, regional (Wales)
The Friday Show Quiz, general knowledge, regional (Northern Ireland)
Keep Your Enemies Close Childrens
Slips Stunt/dare show, motoring
Art Race Reality, creative
The Big Food Fight Comedy panel game, food
Clever v Stupid Stunt/dare show
Dating in the Dark Dating
Design for Life Reality, creative
Farmer Wants a Wife (R) Dating
Restaurant in Our Living Room Lifestyle
School of Silence Childrens
Staraoke Childrens
Swots Radio, regional (Scotland), panel game
Brain Box Interactive
The Cube Stunt/dare show
Food Tour of Britain Lifestyle
House Gift Lifestyle
I Guess That's Why They Call It the News     Radio, comedy panel game (news)
Pointless Quiz, general knowledge
Virgin Cooks Lifestyle
Wait for It..! Childrens
What's the Story? Regional (Wales) radio news panel game
As Seen On TV Quiz, themed (television)
The Big Deal Interactive
Clash Reality, music
Four Weddings Lifestyle
The Fuse Quiz, general knowledge
Guesstimation Quiz, estimation
Knowitalls Quiz, specialist subjects
Undercover Dads Childrens
Wildest Dreams Reality
You Have Been Watching Comedy panel game (television)
Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum Reality
The Chase Quiz, general knowledge
Totally Saturday Stunt/dare show
Big Brother's Big Quiz Quiz, themed (Big Brother)
Divided Quiz, general knowledge
Gutted Lifestyle
Hannah-Oke Childrens
The Biggest Loser UK (R) Lifestyle, reality
I'm Spartacus Radio, comedy panel game (film)
The Speaker Competitive oratory
Tonight's the Night Variety
Winging It Improvisation
Accumulate! Quiz, general knowledge
Chefs and the City Lifestyle
Chris Moyles' Quiz Night Quiz, general knowledge
Genius (TV) Creative
Percy Edwards Showdown Radio, panel game (wildlife)
A Question of Genius Quiz, general knowledge
Taste the Nation Inter-county cookery show
Wordplay Puzzle
The Colour of Money Decision making
Let's Dance for Comic Relief Variety, reality
Quiz is Anfield Specialist subjects quiz
SuperAgents Reality
We Need Answers Comedy panel game
Blast Lab Childrens
Cuibhlichean an Fhortain Regional (Scotland), lifestyle
Cwis Meddiant Quiz, themed (sports)
The Krypton Factor (R) Quiz, puzzle, physical game show
Paris Hilton's British Best Friend Reality
The PMQ Show Radio, comedy panel game
Total Wipeout Family game show
Who Wants to be a Superhero? Childrens
Your Country Needs You Variety


The Movie Game Radio, panel game (movies)
Act Your Age Comedy panel game, radio
Beat the Bank Educational
Còcaire nan Còcairean Regional (Scotland), lifestyle
Kerwhizz Childrens
The Last Millionaire Reality, business
Spin Star Quiz, general knowledge
Street Striker Sports
Argumental Debate
Are You an Egghead? Quiz, general knowledge
Election Childrens
Going for Gold (R) General knowledge quiz
Miss Naked Beauty Lifestyle
Natural Born Sellers Reality, business
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Lifestyle
Step Back in Time Radio panel game (nostalgia)
Unbreakable Reality, Stunt/dare show
CelebAir Reality (celebrities)
Gaisce Gnó Business, regional (Northern Ireland)
Hole in the Wall Stunt/dare show
Only Connect Quiz, general knowledge
Scene Stealers Lifestyle, reality
The What in the World? Quiz Quiz, themed (science and nature)
Hot Rods Childrens
Maestro Reality, variety
Wogan's Perfect Recall Quiz, general knowledge
What Are You Like? Panel game
Battle of the Brains Team quiz
Diet on the Dancefloor Reality
Eating With the Enemy Lifestyle
Help! Teach is Coming to Stay Childrens
Last Choir Standing Variety
Sports Mastermind Quiz, themed (sports)
Step Up to the Plate Lifestyle
Superstars (R) Sports
This Time Tomorrow Quiz, general knowledge
Faith Off Themed quiz (religion)
Who Dares Sings! Music, karaoke singing
Don't Forget the Lyrics Quiz, themed (songs)
Gladiators (R) Action/adventure
House Guest Reality
What the Dickens? Quiz, themed (arts & culture)
The Baron Reality
Beat the Star Stunt/dare show
It's Not What You Know Quiz, general knowledge
Panic Attack Regional (Northern Ireland), Family game show
The Kids Are All Right Quiz, general knowledge
All-Star Mr and Mrs (R) Dating show
Breaking Into Tesco Lifestyle, business
Daily Cooks Challenge Cookery
Murder Most Famous Reality, creative
Recipe for Success Lifestyle, food
BingoLotto Bingo, lottery
Brainbox Challenge Intelligence
Brain-Jitsu Intelligence, childrens
Find Me the Face Lifestyle
No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition Radio, panel game (comedy)
Celebrity Ding Dong     Comedy panel game
Conquer the Castle Reality, regional (Scotland)
Duel Quiz, general knowledge
Funny Business Comedy, reality
The Garden Quiz Radio, themed quiz (gardening)
The One and Only Variety
Picture This Lifestyle, creative
Thank God You're Here Comedy panel game


No. 1 Soap Fan Quiz, themed (soap operas)
Star Traders Stunt/dare show
Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old? (Daytime Edition) Quiz
The Great Pretender Quiz
Postcode Challenge Quiz, general knowledge
School for Cooks Lifestyle, reality
Who Dares Wins Quiz
Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old? (Primetime Edition) Quiz
Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life Variety, reality
Dirty Rotten Cheater Quiz
E4 School of Performing Arts Variety
Food Poker Lifestyle
Get Me the Producer Reality
MobileAct Unsigned Variety, reality
Nothing But the Truth Stunt/dare show
Britain's Best Dish Lifestyle, cookery
Bright Sparks Childrens
Don't Call Me Stupid Quiz, themed
Escape from Scorpion Island Childrens, action/adventure
Eurovision Dance Contest Variety
Grandad's Back in Business Business
The National Lottery Big 7 Quiz, general knowledge
North vs South Quiz, themed
Take on the Takeaway Lifestyle, reality
Trapped Childrens, action/adventure
The World's Greatest Elvis Variety
Dirty Cows Dating
Identity Decision Making
Kitchen Criminals Lifestyle, reality
Poetry Slam Radio, performance poetry
The Restaurant Reality
Baby Ballroom Variety
The Book Quiz Panel game
DanceX Variety
Face the Music (R) Panel game
Last Man Standing Action/adventure
Sing it Back Quiz, themed (music lyrics)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Childrens
Win My Wage Decision Making
The Best Possible Taste Lifestyle
Britain's Got Talent Variety
Golden Balls Decision Making
Great British Village Show Lifestyle
Queen Victoria Ate My Hamster History panel game
Three Fat Brides, One Thin Dress Lifestyle
Tycoon Business
Would I Lie to You? Comedy panel game
For the Rest of Your Life Decision Making
Payday Decision Making
Springwatch Trackers Childrens
Any Dream Will Do Variety, reality
Deadline Reality, business
Get 100 Childrens
Unearthed Reality
I Blame the Spice Girls Comedy panel game
People's Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Soapstar Superchef Lifestyle
The Underdog Show Reality, lifestyle
Hider in the House Childrens
Supermarket Sweep (R) Lifestyle
When Will I be Famous? Variety
Big Bumper Science Quiz Quiz, themed (science)
Codi Canu Music, reality
Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway     Decision Making
Perfect Strangers Quiz, general knowledge
Safari School Reality, educational
Scratch 'n' Sniff's Den of Doom Childrens
The Search Action/adventure
WAGs Boutique Reality, business
Your Country Needs You! Quiz, general knowledge


The Big Finish Quiz, themed (recent events)
Extinct: The Quiz Quiz, themed (wildlife)
The Re-Inventors Technological
Viewer of the Year Quiz, themed (television)
Celebrity Scissorhands Reality
Codex Quiz (themed), history
Dickinson's Real Deal Lifestyle
Keep Your Hair On Childrens
Popcorn Comedy panel game
Battle of the Geeks Technology, Action/Adventure
The Big Idea Technological
Break with the Boss Business
Cirque de Celebrité Reality
Class Distinction Academic
Club Cupid Dating
Cooking It Lifestyle
Hard Sell Lifestyle
In the Grid Family game show
The Race Reality, sport
The Slammer Variety
Take It or Leave It Family game show
Tipit Family game show
Unanimous Reality
The Unbelievable Truth Radio, panel game
TMi Children's
The All Star Talent Show Variety, stunt/dare show
Best of the Worst Comedy panel game
1 vs 100 Quiz, general knowledge
Interior Rivalry Lifestyle, business
Legal Brain Quiz, themed (law)
Let Me Entertain You Variety
Britain's Top Dog Lifestyle
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?   Variety, reality
Only Fools On Horses Sport
PokerFace Quiz, general knowledge
Sport Relief Gets Sub'd Childrens, Sport
The Ultimate West Wing Challenge Quiz, themed (West Wing)
Nobody's Inn Lifestyle
Beat the Boss Childrens
House of Games Puzzle
Kitchen Showdown Lifestyle
Never Mind the Full Stops Panel game
Bullseye (R) Family game show
Classic Comeback Quiz, themed (TV nostalgia)
Great British Menu Lifestyle
The Mint Puzzle
School's Out Comedy panel game
Showbiz Poker Poker
Sitcom Showdown Quiz, themed (sitcoms)
That'll Test 'Em Quiz, themed (the school curriculum)
Television Top of the Form (R) Quiz, academic
no new shows
Beauty and the Geek Reality
Just the Two of Us Variety
Perfect Housewife Lifestyle
Petrolheads Comedy panel game, stunt/dare show
Britain's Psychic Challenge Reality
Dancing on Ice Variety
Shipwrecked Reality
Soapstar Superstar    Variety


Millionaire Manor Family game show
Space Cadets Action/adventure, reality
Sudo-Q Puzzle
Vorderman's Big Brain Game Puzzle
Bamboozle Stunt/dare show
The Deadly Knowledge Show Quiz, general knowledge
Fact Hunt Quiz, general knowledge
The Golden Lot Quiz, themed (antiques)
Make Me a Million Educational
Win Your Own Home Lifestyle
A Brush with Fame Lifestyle
The Biggest Loser UK Lifestyle, reality
Commando VIP Action/Adventure, reality
Deal or No Deal Family game show
Genius Radio, comedy panel game
Mighty Truck of Stuff Childrens
The Name's the Same (R) Panel game
100 Grand in 100 Minutes Radio, lifestyle
Play it Again Game show documentary
What's My Line? (R) Panel game
Art School Lifestyle
Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon (RFamily gameshow
Britain's Next Top Model Reality
Britain's Worst Celebrity Driver Live! Reality, lifestyle
Hot Tub Ranking Reality
ITV Soap Challenge Quiz, themed (ITV soap operas)
Mechannibals Technological
Name That Tone Childrens
Stars in Fast Cars Stunt/dare show
All Star Cup Sports
Balls of Steel Stunt/dare show
Late Night Poker Ace Sports
Quizmania Puzzle
Vegas Virgins Reality
Watching the Detectives Quiz, themed (crime & detectives)
All Star Poker Challenge Sports
Dealing with Dickinson Lifestyle, educational
Harry Potter at the Castle Quiz, themed (Harry Potter)
Keeping Up with the Joneses Lifestyle
Natural Born Dealers Lifestyle
Rock Around the Block Lifestyle, variety
Spelling Bee Quiz, themed (spelling)
Vorderman's Sudoku Live Puzzle
The Big Call Quiz, general knowledge
Cash Cab Quiz, general knowledge
Chef V Britain Lifestyle
8 Out of 10 Cats Comedy panel game
Fat Families Lifestyle
Ladette to Lady Lifestyle, reality
Mock the Week Comedy panel game
Back in the Day Quiz, themed (recent history)
Celebrity Love Island Reality
Date My Daughter Dating
Mind Your Manners Lifestyle
Sky Quiz Live Puzzle
Ask the Family (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Celebrity Wrestling Sports, reality
Perseverance Quiz, general knowledge
Playing it Straight Reality, dating
Splash Camp Childrens, sports
Coach Trip Lifestyle
Dance Factory Childrens
Dance Film Academy Variety
The Great Garden Challenge Lifestyle
Strictly Dance Fever Variety
The Apprentice Reality
Desperately Seeking Sheila Dating, reality
Masterchef Goes Large Lifestyle
Come Dine with Me Lifestyle
Dealing Duel See: Natural Born Dealers
Dragons' Den Educational
Geronimo! Technological
Name Your Price Lifestyle
Scream! If You Want to Get Off Action/adventure
29 Minutes of Fame Panel game / Quiz, themed (celebrities)
Vote for Me Educational


The Big Fat Quiz of the Year Quiz, themed (recent events)
I'm an Aussie... Get Me Out of Here! Reality
Can't Sing Singers Variety
Ed Vs Spencer Stunt/dare show
Fool Around... Dating, reality
Hard Spell Childrens
Hard Spell Abbey Childrens
9 Live Quiz TV Puzzle
Play the Game Childrens
The Simpsons Quiz Show Quiz, themed (The Simpsons)
Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting Lifestyle
Too Many Cooks Lifestyle
What the Butler Saw Reality
Beg, Borrow or Steal Quiz, general knowledge
Big Art Challenge Lifestyle
Deck Dates Dating
Fat Chance Lifestyle
The Match Sports
The 1970s Office Reality
The Ultimate Playboy Reality
Bognor or Bust Quiz, themed (current affairs)
The Farm Reality
The Jules and Lulu Show Lifestyle
Public Opinion Panel game
Scary Sleepover Childrens
The X Factor Variety
The Block Lifestyle
The Great Love Swindle Dating, reality
House of Games Family game show
Junior Mastermind Quiz, general knowledge
Private Stars Reality
Road Raja Action/adventure
The Agents Childrens
Britain's Toughest Family Action/adventure
Headjam Quiz, themed (pop culture)
House Race Lifestyle
Passport to Paradise Family game show
Simply the Best Family game show
Spy Action/adventure, reality
Car Hunt Lifestyle
The Cram Quiz, themed (current affairs)
The Interrogators Reality
No Talent Required Variety
Spy Chief for a Day Decision Making
Star Sale Lifestyle
Boot Sale Treasure Hunt Lifestyle
Hell's Kitchen Lifestyle, reality
Strictly Come Dancing Variety
Blank Screen Puzzle
Building the Dream Lifestyle
Come and Have a Go If You Think You're Smart Enough Quiz, general knowledge
Home Values Lifestyle
Million Pound Hoax Stunt/dare show
Monster Garage Technological
Superhuman Action/adventure
Trouble in Paradise Lifestyle
Win, Lose or Draw Late Panel game
Bamzooki Childrens
Best of Friends Childrens
Memory Bank Puzzle
The Other Boat Race Sports
Zero to Hero Technological
Back to Reality Reality
The Carrot or the Stick Reality
Crisis Command: Could You Run The Country? Puzzle
Eliminator Childrens
Love on a Saturday Night Dating
The Price of Fish Quiz, general knowledge
There's Something About Miriam Dating
Three's a Crowd Dating
Traitor Puzzle
24 Hour Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Beat the Nation Quiz, general knowledge
Britain's Hardest Action/adventure
Crazy Drivers Quiz, themed (motoring)
Demolition Day Technological
Didn't They Do Well! Quiz, general knowledge
Inside Clyde Childrens
The Great British Test Quiz, themed (various)
Hercules Action/adventure
Mutant Machines Technological
The Sack Race Stunt/dare show
Shattered Reality
Spook Squad Childrens
Star Portraits Lifestyle


All or Nothing
Ar y Bocs
Arty Facts
The Bachelor
Be a Grand Prix Driver
Beat the Cyborgs
Born to Win
Boys and Girls
Britain's Worst
Casino Casino
Celebrities Under Pressure
Celebrity Poker Club
The Club
Côr Cymru
Crime Team
Design Wars
Drop the Celebrity
Double Cross
Extreme Endurance
Fash's Football Challenge
Fighting Talk
First Past the Post
The Food Quiz
Fort Boyard (R)
Full Metal Challenge
Get Staffed
Globo Loco
Grand Slam
Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over
Here Comes the Sun
History Hunt
The Honey Trap
House Sitters
I'd Do Anything
I'm the Answer
Incredible Edible Challenge
Innovation Nation
It's Anyone's Game
Joe Millionaire UK
Judgement Day
Junior Eurovision Song Contest
Little Monsters
Love Match UK
The Lyrics Game
Monkey Business
The Murder Game
My New Best Friend
Nice Package
19 Keys
Nobody Likes a Smartass
Office Monkey
Quiz Nation
Reborn in the USA
Rescue Robots
Strip Search
Superstars (R)
Sushi TV
That's Genius!
Thunder Races
Three's a Crowd
Time Commanders
Trading Treasures
We've Been Here Before
Whoops TV
Without Prejudice?
Wright Around the World
The Yes/No Gameshow
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