Nia Roberts



Gemau Heb Ffiniau (It's a Knockout)

Penwythnos Mawr


Nia Roberts has been one of S4C's most familar faces over the last two decades. She has been involved with many light entertainment shows, including the short-lived Penwythnos Mawr, Twrio and her own long-running chat show, Nia. She also gained a Europe-wide audience as co-presenter of Gemau Heb Ffiniau. Currently, she co-hosts a mid-morning show on BBC Radio Cymru and presents a number of S4C shows. She is also the chief anchor of S4C's Urdd Eisteddfod marathon coverage.


Previously known as Nia Chiswell.

Nia is the sister of S4C sports anchorman Gareth Roberts, who presented Cerdyn Post.


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