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[[Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over]] (team captain)
[[Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over]] (team captain)
[[Room 101]]
[[Scotland v England]] (team captain)
[[Scotland v England]] (team captain)

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Fighting Talk (guest host)

Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over (team captain)

Room 101

Scotland v England (team captain)

Sport Relief Does The Apprentice (participant)

Swot or Wot?

Taste the Nation

They Think it's All Over

Win My Wage


Actor and gravelly-voiced comedian who, despite being a supporter of Stoke FC, is a sports fan and presented They Think it's All Over for ten years. In a strange change of direction, in 2005 he left TTIAO to take up a marketing job for a finance company - maybe not that strange when you consider he used to be an insurance salesman.

In 2007, he came back to host the EuroMillions draw on UKTV.


He had something of a record for appearing in the most rejected sitcom pilots (around 13). The one that did eventually go to series (Holding the Baby) was something of a critical disaster, although, to be fair, it did get a second series, albeit with Hugh Bonneville replacing Hancock in the lead role. Hancock did also co-star with Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt in a 1992 ITV comedy series, 'Me, You and Him', although that also proved unsuccessful and only lasted one series.

Hancock proved highly adept at narrating documentary series for the BBC, namely 'Pleasure Beach' and the second series of 'Zoo Keepers', which had previously been narrated by Richard 'Victor Meldrew' Wilson.

He is a keen angler and presented his own show, Nick Hancock's Fishing School, on STV.

Books / Tapes

What Didn't Happen Next (hardback) (paperback)


c/o Independent Talent Group Ltd, Oxford House, 76 Oxford Street, London W1D 1BS

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