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== Shows ==
== Shows ==
[[The Big Breakfast]]
[[The Big Breakfast]] (as Lily Savage)
[[Blankety Blank]] (as Lily Savage)
[[Blankety Blank]] (as Lily Savage)
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[[Coronation Street: The Big 50]]
[[Coronation Street: The Big 50]]
[[The Generation Game]] (unaired pilot)
[[The Generation Game]] (non-broadcast pilot)
[[Let's Dance for Comic Relief]] (guest judge)
[[Let's Dance for Comic Relief]] (guest judge)

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The Big Breakfast (as Lily Savage)

Blankety Blank (as Lily Savage)

Britain's Got Talent (non-broadcast pilot)

Coronation Street: The Big 50

The Generation Game (non-broadcast pilot)

Let's Dance for Comic Relief (guest judge)

Love Bites (as Lily Savage)


Birkenhead-born comedian who originally found fame in drag as Lily Savage (pictured). He got his first mainstream exposure as Savage, interviewing the (not so) great and good on The Big Breakfast. More recently he's hosted hugely successful chat shows on ITV1 and Channel 4.

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