Poll of the Year 2013

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What, has someone gone and changed the year number again? How tedious.

Speaking of tedious, 2013 was the year that Channel 4 brought us Face the Clock. But don't fret, because there was some good stuff too (wasn't there?) and besides, we've got the small matter of the wooden spoon to award.

The polls open soon, so get your thinking caps on. Like last year we're interested in Best New Shows, Worst New Shows, Best Show generally, your favourite moments and anything that excited you internationally. We treat traditional games and quizzes and reality games equally here.

To help jog your memory, here's our list of what debuted in 2013. If we've missed something, please let us know:


Brendan's Love Cruise Travel, dating
Beat My Build Lifestyle
Junior Just a Minute Childrens, improvisation
Portrait Artist of the Year Art, creative
Pressure Pad Team general knowledge quiz
Show Me the Telly Television nostalgia
The Munch Box Cookery, childrens
Prize Island Action and adventure
Release the Hounds Horror, stunts and dares
Was It Something I Said? Comedy panel game
Big Star's Little Star Family
Celebrity Super-Spa Recruitment, lifestyle
Crazy Beaches Interactive
The Face Lifestyle, fashion modelling
Fifteen-to-One (R) Quiz, general knowledge
The Insider Recruitment
I Love My Country Comedy panel game
Stepping Out Variety
That Music Show Panel game, music
That Puppet Game Show Stunt/dare show
Through the Keyhole (R) Panel game
Ashes Pub Quiz Comedy panel game (cricket)
Break the Safe General knowledge quiz
Swashbuckle Childrens
Take on the Twisters Quiz, general knowledge
Blue Peter You Decide Reality, presenter search
Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour Travel, lifestyle
Jo Brand's Great Wall of Comedy Comedy panel game (sitcoms)
Ultimate Shopper Reality
Your Face Sounds Familiar Variety, singing
Motor Morphers Technological
100 o Blant Regional (Wales), family
Catchphrase (R) Puzzle
Cook Me the Money Lifestyle, business
Five Minutes to a Fortune Mental agility
The Great British Sewing Bee Lifestyle (sewing)
Sweat the Small Stuff Comedy panel game
Beat the Pack Quiz, general knowledge
Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (R) Variety
Beat the Ancestors Technological
The Common Denominator General knowledge, puzzle
The Dare Devil Stunts and dares, family
Food Glorious Food Lifestyle
My Little Princess Dating
Britain's Brightest Puzzle, mental acuity
Dan Glo Childrens, puzzle, regional (Wales)
Face the Clock Quiz, general knowledge
Fake Reaction Stunt/dare show
Monumental Regional (Northern Ireland), comedy panel game
Splash! Sports (diving)
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