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2016, a year of upheaval and change bought about by the ballot box. But there remains one poll that could end up being the most controversial and contentious of the lot - that's right, it's time for the thirteenth (!) running of the annual UKGameshows.com/Bother's Bar Poll of the Year!

As is traditional we want to know your favourite new formats of the year, your least favourite, the best show currently being broadcast and any of your stand-out moments of the year. Once again we aim to do a live Youtube broadcast of the results in due course.


The rules

  • In each category (except the favourite moments one, which is freestyle) you have FIVE VOTES.
  • That means you can vote for UP TO FIVE SHOWS. You are not obliged to use all your votes.
  • Please use one line per vote, it makes it easier for us to count.
  • If you feel particularly strongly about a show you can give it a second vote, please write this as a separate line for the avoidance of doubt.
  • One set of votes per person.
  • You are welcome (but not obligated) to leave comments to back up your votes. These may be used in the final write up – please try to keep them reasonably brief.
  • Whilst we welcome input and insight from production, you’re advised to be honest about affiliation, we reserve the right to discount votes that look dodgy. Our decision is final.
  • Get a move on, voting closes 23:59 GMT Friday 13th January 2017.

The categories

  • Hall of FAME – For the best new shows and formats of the last year.
  • Hall of SHAME – For the worst new shows and formats of the last year.
  • Golden Five – For any shows for made primarily for the UK market that had a new first-run episode broadcast in 2016.
  • Favourite moments – For your favourite moments. If there are Youtube videos, that would be handy.

A list of new formats can be found below. We give shiny floor show and competitive unscripted reality equal weight. You can vote for revivals.

How to vote

The preferred method is via the form at Bother's Bar. However we also accept e-mail ballots, please send them to poll@bothersbar.co.uk and they'll get to the same place.

Thanks for your interest and look out for the results soon!

Format list

In the meantime, here's a handy (although possibly not exhaustive, so if we've forgotten anything you think should be here then please let us know) list of new formats you will be able to vote on:


12 Stars of Christmas Variety
Blankety Blank (R) Family game show
Pop Quiz (R) Quiz, themed (music)
Sell or Swap Lifestyle
Time Commanders (R) Educational
The Next Great Magician Variety, magic
Polterguest Hidden camera, dares
Prank Pad Reality
Sorry, I Didn't Know Comedy panel game
Tenable Quiz, general knowledge
The Crystal Maze (R) Action/adventure
Meet the Parents Dating
My Kitchen Rules (R) Lifestyle
Dating in the Dark (R) Dating
Go 8 Bit Comedy panel game
Rank the Prank Childrens, stunts and dares
Top Class Childrens, general knowledge quiz
Trycar Motoring, Wales
We Love Sitcom Comedy panel game
Yes Chef Cookery
All Together Now - The Great Orchestra Challenge Variety (classical music)
Alphabetical Quiz, general knowledge
Cash Trapped Quiz, general knowledge
Debatable Quiz, general knowledge
500 Questions Quiz, general knowledge
Go for It Stunt/dare show
Make Me an Egghead Quiz, general knowledge
Spotless Family game show
Master of Photography Art (photography)
The Question Jury General knowledge quiz
Robot Wars (R) Technological
Britain's Most Spectacular Backyard Builds Technological
It's Not Me, It's You Comedy panel game
Taking The Next Step Childrens, dance
UK's Best Part-Time Band Variety
no new shows
Bang on the Money Family game show
Battlechefs Cookery, travel
Chopping Block Cookery, reality
The Code General knowledge quiz
Drive Motoring
Too Many Cooks (2) Lifestyle
Can't Touch This Stunt/dare show
Gok's Lunchbox Cookery
Jonathan's Six Nations Quiz Rugby, regional (Wales)
Think Tank General knowledge quiz
Airmageddon Technology (drones)
Dogs Might Fly Animals
Eurovision: You Decide (R) Variety
Masterpiece Antiques
Pocket Money Pitch Childrens, business
All Hail the Veil Lifestyle
Bad Language (R) Comedy panel game, regional (Northern Ireland)
Britain's Next Top Model (R) Recruitment, fashion
For What It's Worth Specialist quiz (antiques)
The Getaway Car Driving, quiz
Got What It Takes? Variety, reality
Insert Name Here Comedy panel game
Last Fan Standing Lifestyle
Lip Sync Battle UK Variety
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