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|[[Blankety Blank]] '''(R)'''
|Panel Game
|[[Chef vs Corner Shop]]
|[[Chef vs Corner Shop]]

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Welcome to the socially distanced Poll of the Year 2020! It should be a fairly interesting vote, given the challenges that TV production will have faced during a pandemic, it's notable that our list of new shows feels a bit smaller than usual.

Same rules as last year - be mindful of shows that didn't get a traditional airing in 2020 for the Golden Five.

So with that out of the way let the voting... begin!


The Rules

  • Easy peasy. For each category (except Golden Moments) you get FIVE votes, so you can nominate FIVE shows. Please put each vote on a separate line, it makes it easier for us to count. You can no longer give the same show multiple votes.
  • For most of the categories, your choices are for new formats made and broadcast in the UK in 2020.
  • You do not have to use all your votes.
  • We welcome short comments with your reasoning for your vote – these may be used in the final write-up. We're more likely to use your comments if they are to the point. The comments will be kept anonymous.
  • If you’re in the industry it would be useful to point that out – we absolutely welcome you and you may indeed vote for shows you’ve worked on – but we reserve the right to disqualify insincere dodgy ballots.
  • Compilation shows and streams - for the avoidance of doubt, the "banner" is the format not the individual shows, see Gameshow Marathon previously.
  • Time is of the essence, the vote closes 23:59 Saturday 9th January.

The categories

  • Hall of FAME – For the best new shows and formats of the last year.
  • Hall of SHAME – For the worst new shows and formats of the last year.
  • Golden Five – For any shows for made primarily for the UK market that had a new first-run episode broadcast in 2020.
  • New Media Five - This is for shows that do not have a traditional first run on television - Podcasts, Youtube, Netflix and the like. There must have been a new episode uploaded in 2020. It must be *legitimately* consumable in the UK. It must not have been on broadcast television anywhere previously.
  • Magic Moments – For your favourite moments. If there are Youtube links, that would be handy.

A non-exhaustive list of new formats can be found below - if you think we're missing anything then get in touch. We give shiny floor show and competitive unscripted reality equal weight. You can vote for revivals.

How to vote

This year the preferred method is by Google Forms.

However we also accept e-mail ballots, please send them to poll@bothersbar.co.uk with Poll of the Year 2020 in the subject line and they'll get to the same place.

New show list for 2020

Blankety Blank (R) Panel Game
Chef vs Corner Shop Lifestyle
Miranda's Games With Showbiz Names Family game
Don't Rock the Boat Reality
Don't Unleash the Beast Action/adventure, childrens
Love Bites (2) Cookery and dating
Ultimate Goal Football, recruitment
The Wheel Family game show
Winning Combination Quiz, general knowledge
The Bridge Construction, reality
The Chop Woodwork
Guessable Panel game, mystery objects
Family Fortunes (R) Family game show
Celebrity Karaoke Club Singing, reality
Little Mix: The Search Singing, reality
Be' Ti'n Gwylio? Quiz, Wales
Call That Hard Work? Lifestyle
Lle Bach Mawr Lifestyle, Wales
Rolling in It Family game
It Pays to Behave Family game
The Bidding Room Antiques
Gêm Gartre' Sports quiz, Wales
All Star Happy Hour Quiz
The Big Flower Fight Gardening
Britain's Best Parent? Comparative parenting
Epic Gameshow Family game show
The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft Lifestyle
My Generation Quiz (general knowledge), radio
Beat the Chasers Quiz, general knowledge
Caru Siopa Lifestyle, regional (Wales)
Celebrity Murder Mystery Reality, crime
Five Guys a Week Dating
Gods of the Game Stunts and dares, sport
The Talk Sport Quiz Sports quiz, radio
The Chocolate Challenge Cookery
Corner Shop Cook-Off Cookery, regional (Scotland)
Fight Dirty Lifestyle
Very Hard Questions Quiz (general knowledge)
Crackerjack (R) Children's, variety
Crazy Delicious Cookery
Don't Scream Horror, frights
First & Last Family game
The Masked Singer Singing, disguises
Win the Wilderness Reality, adventure
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