Quiz Ball



David Vine (1966-8)

Barry Davies (1970)

Stuart Hall (1970-2)

Frank Skinner (non-broadcast pilot)


Announcer: John Witty (1966-8)


BBC1, 22 December 1966 to 23 December 1972 (72 episodes in 8 series)


Two teams consisting of players from a top flight football club and a celebrity supporter have a football match in the form of a general knowledge quiz. Teams chose whether to take four easy questions, three medium questions, two hard questions or one tough question to score a goal. The opposition can opt to take a tackle question a limited number of times in order to block the run, but a wrong answer meant conceding a goal. Whoever had the most goals at the end of the show was the winner.


1966-7: Arsenal
1967-8: West Bromwich Albion
1969-70: Celtic
1970: Celtic
1970-1: Derby County
1971-2: Dunfermline Athletic


George Woolley

Theme music

Tony Hatch


Lostshows.com tells us that nearly all of the episodes have been wiped from the archives with only 6 of them surviving. These are the episodes that survived:

Series 1: Episode 1 (which can be viewed on the BBC iPlayer)
Series 2: Episode 11
Series 3: Episode 6
The 1970 Challenge Match
Series 5: Episode 5
Series 8: Episode 4

Web links

BBC programme page, which includes a 1966 episode as part of a game show collection.

Fan page giving every show result via archive.org


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