Quiz Nation





Optimistic Entertainment for various channels, 2005-May 31st 2007


Another premium-rate puzzle phone-in. How many more?

Anyway, in its two years on air, this channel has managed to launch careers in participation quiz TV out of such luminaries like Debbie King, Chuck Thomas, Anna Fowler and Cat Porter. Although by the time Quiznation announced it was taking a short break (or as they later admitted, closing down), most of these careers will have ended.

The final programme included a 'best bits' compilation, a la Quizmania. Hmmm, do you think they were trying to win the sympathy vote here?


The Cash Vault
Initial Thinking
Celebrity Sudoku
Hot or Cold
Cash Command
Bowling for Bucks
Music Nation


Dare was picked up by ITV2 for an overnight simulcast. It was dropped on 31st March 2006 to make way for Quizmania.

See also

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