Debbie King (2005-7)
Greg Scott (2005-7, 2008)
Lee Baldry (2005-7)
Nigel Mitchell (2005-7)
Chuck Thomas (2005-6)
Lottie Mayor (2005-7, 2008)
Lee Clark (2005)
Kirsty Duffy (2006, 2008)
Tim Lichfield (2006-7, 2008)
Andy Jaye (2008)
Stuart Headlam (stand-in)


Televised version -
Fremantle Media for:
Sky Digital channel 277, 2005
ITV1/Play, 12th August 2005 to 14th January 2007

Online version -
Screen Pop Ltd. in association with Illuma Digital, 17th July 2008 -


Yet another premium rate puzzle phone-in. This one did at least try to entertain at the same time as inflating your phone bill, and could almost be considered cult viewing on the evenings Greg Scott was on.

The TV version ended before 0898-Gate but later returned as an online-only show with a new mass participation format and the option of playing for free or paying to play.


Debbie King, Chuck Thomas and Simone Thorogood

Theme music

Ala Kondre (Jonathan Ware, Rob Watson and Alexander Nijmolen)

Key moments

Greg Scott: We're looking for an occupation beginning with 'T'.
Contestant: Doctor.
Scott: No, it's 'T'. 'T' for Tommy. 'T' for Tango. 'T' for Tintinnabulation.
Contestant: Oh, right... (pause) Doctor.

Greg Scott: We're looking for a word that goes in front of 'clock'.
Contestant: Grandfather.
Scott: Grandfather clock is already up there, say something else.
Contestant: Panda.


In January 2007, Ofcom found that ITV Play (broadcasting the Quizmania programme) was in breach of the Broadcasting Code over a quiz about items found in a woman's handbag. After only seven of the 13 prizes had been won, the remaining answers included "balaclava" and "rawl plugs". Ofcom found ITV Play in breach of rule 2.11 of the broadcasting code, which states that "competitions should be conducted fairly". Ironically, the verdict was made on the day after QM went off air for the last time.

Quizmania was once namechecked in Doctor Who. That'll confuse the US audience.

The 'Mania' (as it were) has spread to other countries - namely Portugal, Poland and Australia (whose versions are no longer running), France (under a different name QuizMax) and Columbia.


The final TV edition of QM ended with a farewell montage, a reminder to us all that Quizmania was...indifferent.

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