Red or Black?



Ant and Dec (Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly)


ITV Studios/Syco Productions for ITV1, 3 September 2011 - present


Ant and Dec host as one lucky contestant is given the chance to win £1 million on a 50/50 gamble.

By some unknown method, an initial field of one hundred thousand applicants is whittled down to 10,000 or so who are invited to Wembley Arena. During the course of the evening, a series of rounds are staged in the arena, each comprised of an event with a 50/50 outcome. Choose the wrong answer and you are eliminated, choose the right one and you progress to the next round. After a series of these 50/50 rounds has narrowed the field further, those who remain move onto the next stage, which sees proceedings move to a number of different locations around the UK. In each location, further 50/50 rounds are staged, which narrow the field yet further, to numbers that are manageable in the studio.

Once in the studio, and for the first time live on TV, eight contestants a night for seven nights are again systematically whittled down, until just one remains each night. This contestant is then presented with a tenth and final 50/50 gamble - choose red or black on the spin of a roulette wheel. If the wheel stops on their choice, they pocket £1 million, if if stops on the opposite choice, they leave with nothing.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


Simon Cowell


Reportedly the most expensive game show ever, costing £15 million to stage.

Despite the end game using a piece of equipment which is inherently linked to gambling, the programme carefully avoids the strict laws surrounding gambling, as the contestants are not risking their own money.

The programme found itself mired in controversy after it was reported Nathan Hageman, who won £1 million on the first episode, had served time in prison for assault. It was reported the producers were aware of this fact, but not who he had assaulted. As a result of the media furore over Hageman's win, the programme makers re-assessed the contestants due to take part in the subsequent episodes. As a result, two contestants were withdrawn, according to the hosts, 'due to unforeseen circumstances', and seven contestants competed in the episodes affected instead.

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The show publicised the hashtag #redorblack.

See also

Heads or Tails - which also offered £1 million on a 50/50 gamble.


First few minutes of the very first episode.


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