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== Inventor ==
== Inventor ==
Philip Tredennick and Ben Walker
Philip Tredinnick and Ben Walker
== Theme music ==
== Theme music ==

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Mel Giedroyc


John Stanley Productions for Sky1, 3 April 2015 to present


A very traditional family quiz.

Families of four take part. The teams are two children and two grown-ups, with some sort of relation running through the team.

Host Mel Giedroyc introduces the teams, then asks general knowledge questions on the buzzer. Ten points for a right answer, an error throws the question to the other team.

Each right answer lights a bulb on the team's desk (called a "pip", for no obvious reason). First team to light three bulbs earns an Advanced Question, a visual or music clue. This question is worth 20 points, and it can't be passed over. Then reset both teams' pips, and we're into another cycle.

Relatively Clever The Clipston family lights all their "pips".

After two Advanced Questions, the gong goes to mark a Head-to-Head contest. The teams are given a subject, and send one member to stand at the front. Mel asks ten general knowledge questions, ten points for each. The additional interest here is the generation gap: will Mrs. Smith be able to beat Young Whippersnapper Jones?

The second half of the show mixes it up a little. The "four to score" round requires four correct answers to earn the point, one from each member of the family. The game ends with three minutes of questions on the buzzers, played for double points.

Relatively Clever The set is very late 90s, all orange and blue. It's decorated with photos supplied by the families.

Relatively Clever is a very safe programme; even the set decor was about twenty years behind the fashion. The questions are fair, if a little predictable. The format is familiar without being a carbon copy of anything. Viewers can stumble across this programme and leave it on, secure that it's the nice lady from the baking show, asking gentle questions to typical Sky families.


The Gordon family: Darren, Kaya, Cadeem, and Andrew


Philip Tredinnick and Ben Walker

Theme music

Marc Sylvan is credited for "Music".

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