Rolling in It



Stephen Mulhern


Over The Top Productions for ITV, 8 August 2020 to present


A press release announced this programme:

Three contestants play alongside some of their favourite celebrities in a bid to go home with a big cash prize. But they’ll need to have luck on their side because everything could change at the roll of a coin.
Three teams - made up of the player and their celebrity partner - have to roll a coin down a moving conveyor belt towards slots which are labelled with large cash sums to win, though also 'Bankrupt' slots which mean the player loses everything.
As the game progresses, the money values get larger, and as a result, so do the penalties. In this game of luck and fierce competition, the roll of one final coin could determine whether the contestant loses everything or goes home Rolling In It.

Stephen Mulhern hosts.


Image:Rolling in it stephen mulhern.jpg A promo picture for the show.


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