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Steve Jones


LWT, 8th December 1979 to 4th September 1982 (21 episodes)


Opportunity Knocks-style talent show, which made very small stars out of Dave Wolfe and Fogwell Flax. The winner got their own show. In the first series, voting was organised into five panels of local viewers (with some ITV regions taking it in turn to participate).

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The regional voting presenters who mostly consisted of continuity announcers, newsreaders and presenters who were just on the verge of succeeding nationally...

LWT (London): Peter Lewis (chief announcer/newsreader)
ATV (Midlands): Nick Owen
HTV Wales: Arfon Haines-Davies (announcer/presenter/newsreader/programme producer)
HTV West: Bruce Hockin (news anchor)
Scottish TV: Steve Hamilton (announcer/newsreader, noted for Wheel of Fortune)
Ulster TV: Jackie Fullerton (sports presenter)
Westward: David Rodgers (announcer/newsreader/presenter)
Anglia: Graham Bell (announcer/news anchor)
Border: Derek Batey
Tyne Tees: Bill Steel (chief announcer/newsreader)
Yorkshire: Richard Whiteley


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