Sioe Gwobrau Mawr



(Outside Broadcast)

Alun Williams (2004-)
Eddie Butler - not known



Branwen Gwyn (2004)
Elain Edwards (2004-6)
Alex Jones (2005-)
Mari Grug (2006-)


S4C Continuity Department for S4C, 2004-


Live interactive show broadcast within the Planed Plant continuity strand. Four callers made predictions on a series of games played during a pre-recorded outside broadcast from a local school. The format was simple - two qualifying heats and a final were used. The winner at the end of the show wins the star prize (usually a holiday in the early series).

However, in 2007, to coincide with the gradual closedown of Planed Plant (see Trivia), a drastically cut-back version was introduced called Planed Bant (translates as Off Planet). The format was changed to a straightforward knockout contest, the big OB was scrapped and the games + prizes were significantly smaller. OB presenter Alun Williams became a studio presenter, leaving comedy character Eddie Butler to present taped inserts on his own from schools around Wales.


The show's title translates as Big Prizes Show!

The show's future is currently under threat. S4C is to close down its in-house children's continuity department and outsource the tender to an independent production company.


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