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I B Gruffudd (1964-67)

Dai Jones (1971-87)

Ieuan Rhys (1996-2003)

Stifyn Parri and Heledd Cynwal (2012-18)


Mair Rowlands,
Mari Emlyn,
Jenny Ogwen,
Rosalind Lloyd,
Gillian Elisa (1996-2003)


TWW, 22 April 1964 to 30 December 1967

HTV Cymru, 15 May 1971 to 1982

HTV Wales for S4C, 1983 to 1987

HTV Wales for S4C, 1996 to 2003

ITV Cymru / Mr Producer for S4C, 7 April 2012 to 16 December 2018


"Sion A... what?" I hear you cry. Never heard of it? In fact this was the original Welsh version of the programme which later became Mr and Mrs - first on HTV West and Border then, from 1972, picked up nationally by ITV.

The longest-running presenter on the show was Dai Jones, a farmer, broadcaster and highly renowned singer rolled into one. So much so that he would often sing viewers' requests at the end of the show.

Despite ITV's disastrous Julian Clary version in 1999, the programme had a good stab at a revival for about seven years. S4C announced another revival in 2012, along with the return of another favourite Jacpot. This latest revival was close in spirit to All-Star Mr and Mrs - there were two hosts, the players held up paddles in a simultaneous round.


"Bant i'r Bocs" (To the box)

"Y'ch chi yn byw 'da'ch gilydd?" (You do live together?!)


Roy Ward Dickson


The original presenter of Sion a Sian, Dai Jones talks at length about the original version of the programme in his autobiography Dai And Let Live, which is a English translation of the original, Fi Dai Sy' 'Ma.

The show became so popular that HTV took the show on the road with special stage shows in local town halls and the like.

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BBC site


S4C hosts, Ieuan Rhys and Gillian Elisa


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