Sion a Sian

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Dai Jones (original presenter)

I B Gruffudd

Ieuan Rhys


Hostesses: Mair Rowlands, Mari Emlyn, Jenny Ogwen, Rosalind Lloyd, Gillian Elisa


Teledu Cymru / HTV Cymru, 22 April 1964 to 30 December 1967

Revived on HTV Cymru, 15 May 1971 to 1982

HTV for S4C, 1983 to 2003?


"Sion A... what?" I hear you cry. Never heard of it? In fact this was the original Welsh version of the programme which later became Mr and Mrs - first on Border and HTV then, from 1973, picked up nationally by ITV.

Despite the disastrous Julian Clary version in 1999, the programme had a good stab at a revival (HTV Wales for S4C) from 1996 to around 2003.


"Bant i'r Bocs" (To the box)

"Y'ch chi yn byw 'da'ch gilydd?" (You do live together?!)


Roy Ward Dickson


Picture 1 - S4C hosts, Ieuan Rhys and Gillian Elisa


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