Slap Bang



Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly


ITV1, 2001


The missing link between their famous Saturday morning show SMTV:Live and their current ruler of Saturday night television Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. This in feel has more in common with the former than the latter.

It didn't really light up the schedules in the way they currently do (in fact for many it was a bit of a disappointment in comparison to their Saturday morning work) but that's not to say it wasn't without its moments such as gently ripping the urine from ITV's lamentable Formula One coverage for what was called was called F6½. The contestants were in pedal go karts and were all around six-and-a-half years old.

In F6½, Dec played Grim Rosenthal and Ant played a different variation on Murray Walker every week: Murray Babywalker, Murray Sleepwalker, Murray Skywalker (complete with lightsabre), Murray Tightropewalker, Murray Speedwalker ("And look at me go!") etc. The four 'drivers' were called Michael Pre-school-macher, Teddy Irvine, Johnny Sherbet and Jenson Chocolate Button. They all got to go to the British Grand Prix and meet their real-life counterparts, while Ant & Dec were guests on ITV's coverage, where Jim Rosenthal had a go at them about the Grim Rosenthal character. ("I'm deeply upset. You got my hairstyle wrong!")

And Challenge Ant always went down well, especially as it was now played by the elderly instead of kids.


The show was called Slap Bang because it was on "slap bang in the middle of your weekend".

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