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Judges: Yvon Grace, Paul De Freitas, Steve Frost, Bill Lyons


Granada for ITV1, 2001


Popstars-style search for five actors (and a dog) to appear in the soap opera Emmerdale.

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The five human winners were Dee Whitehead, Mark Jardine, Elspeth Brodie, Ruth Abram and Jason Hain. All of whom had prior acting experience, making the whole series fairly pointless. A bit like if the next winner of The X Factor had already had a few top 40 singles to their name.

After their first appearance on Emmerdale, all of the winners had their contracts extended from six months to nine. That was all they got though - after nine months they were all dropped.

The episode dealing with the search for a canine to join the cast was titled Dogstars.

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