Gaby Roslin


BBC 1, 20th October 1999


Broadcast pilot from the factory of David Young's department when he was head of formats at the Beeb. Essentially he was given a bunch of money to film a pilot, but - canny lad that he was - he filmed four for the same money. One of the others was a dire relationship game show hosted by Lily Savage (which was also broadcast, IWRC), but that was balanced by the more successful Friends Like These which came from the same session.

Anyway, this one-off involved people making a series of guesswork choices. One of the contestant selection games asked the studio audience to phone a certain number with their mobile but - oh, ho! - the final digit was missing and you had to guess what it was.

The final consisted of the winning couple being told to sit back-to-back and both were given a ball with TRUE on one half and FALSE on the other. They had to answer TRUE/FALSE to statements read out by Roslin by orienting their balls so that TRUE or FALSE was uppermost. Both players must all the questions right, but if there was a disagreement in the response (e.g. one said TRUE, the other said FALSE), they were told about this and given one more chance to straighten themselves out. However, they had to do all this without conferring.


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