Sport Addicts

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Based on the [[Telly Addicts]] format
Based on the [[Telly Addicts]] format
== Pictures ==
<div class="image">[[File:Sport addicts walsh.jpg|400px]]''Bradley Walsh''</div>
<div class="image">[[File:Sport addicts walsh.jpg]]''Bradley Walsh''</div>
<div class="image">[[File:Sport addicts team.jpg|400px]]''Yup, they look like sport addicts to us.''</div>
<div class="image">[[File:Sport addicts team.jpg]]''Yup, they look like sport addicts to us.''</div>
[[Category:Themed Quiz]]
[[Category:Themed Quiz]]

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Bradley Walsh


Unique for Challenge, 2002


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Based on the Telly Addicts format


File:Sport addicts walsh.jpgBradley Walsh
File:Sport addicts team.jpgYup, they look like sport addicts to us.


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