Gary Crowley

Liz Hobbs and Matthew Davies (1993-4)

Matthew Davies, Georgey Spanswick and Andy Steggall (1995)


Commentators: Peter Brackley and Martin Tyler


Creative Action / Moving Picture Company for Channel 4, 27 January 1987 to 1989

Yorkshire Television and Tyne Tees for ITV, 8 January 1993 to 24 March 1995 (22 episodes in 3 series)


Kids sporting competition but with more of an emphasis on motorsports as we recall. More of a less muddy Run the Gauntlet than We are the Champions, at any rate, which isn't surprising as this and Gauntlet were made by largely the same team. As it happened, after ITV axed Gauntlet, they poached the programme from Channel 4 two years later.


Julian Grant


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