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== Broadcast ==
== Broadcast ==
Anglia for Thames TV, 31st March 1987-23rd June 1987
Anglia/Thames TV for ITV, 31st March to 23rd June 1987

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Larry Grayson


Announcer: John Benson


Anglia/Thames TV for ITV, 31st March to 23rd June 1987


Three couples describe how they met. A panel of three celebrity guests had to decide which couple was genuine, not actors recounting (true) stories sent in by the show's viewers. The real sweethearts won a romantic holiday for turning up.

It was largely panned, despite the publicity gained from "the Sweetheart Sleuth" Larry Grayson's big comeback. One of the main bugs was that (unlike Tell the Truth) there was only one reveal, with one game taking up the entire 30 minutes.


David Moore and Terry Mardell

Theme music

Ed Welch


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