TV Guide 2021-12-04

This week, we're waiting for the Christmas specials to arrive. More4 feels our pain, and has Aussie Bake Off each teatime. Some special editions of Celebrity Antiques Road Trip include the Fingers on Buzzers hosts (BBC2, Fri).

The last in the "present" series of Killer Camp (ITV2, Mon-Wed), and The Love Trap (C4, Wed).

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Saturday 4 December

  • Junior Bake Off (C4, 10.15) More highlights from the recent series.
  • Swashbuckle (Cbeebies, 10.30) Sandy and Seaweed invent a new game, knocking down bottles with coconuts. They'll be selling rights to Squawk-TV soon!
  • Fighting Talk (Radio 5, 11am).
  • Four in a Bed (C4, 11.45) Five episodes.
  • A Question of Sport (BBC1 Wales, 4pm) Seen elsewhere last night.
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 5pm) The Fabulous Iain Stirling, repeat.


  • Moneyball (ITV, 6.15; VM1, 8.15) Mutter mutter Storm Arwen mutter mutter wrong show.
  • Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1, 6.40).
  • Battle of the Christmas Lights (VM1, 7.05) Two families from County Cork take on seasonal challenges.
  • Stephen Mulhern's Celebrity Catchphrase with Stephen Mulhern (ITV, 7.15) An I'm a Celebrity special, with Sair Khan, Jordan North, and Lisa Snowdon joining Stephen Mulhern.
  • The Wheel (BBC1, 7.40).
  • The Chase Celebrity Special (ITV, 8.15; VM1, 8pm Sun) Lance Ellington, Beth Tweddle, Bob Champion, Sally Lindsay.
  • Last Singer Standing (RTÉ1, 8.20).
  • Blankety Blank (BBC1, 8.40) Fay Ripley, Louis Smith, Sara Pascoe, Jo Brand, Janette Manrara, Martin Kemp.
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (VM1 and ITV, 9.15).

Weekend repeats


  • Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (BBC2, 11am).
  • Breaking the News (Radio Scotland, 11.30am) From Thursday.
  • Quote... Unquote (R4, 11pm) From Monday.


  • I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue (Radio 4, 12.04) From Monday.
  • Eggheads (5Select, 1pm) Eleven episodes from earlier in the series.
  • Last Singer Standing (RTE1, 1.40) From last night.

Sunday 5 December

  • Swashbuckle (Cbeebies, 10.30) Captain Captain takes a break from her incompetent crew.
  • Songs of Praise (BBC1, 12.30; Radio 2, 7pm) The final of Young Chorister of the Year. The FA Cup final is subject to delay if this contest goes to extra tenors, or arias from the penalty mark.
  • Sitting on a Fortune (ITV, 7pm).
  • It's Not What You Know (Radio 4, 7.15) A recent episode.
  • Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1, 7.20).
  • Réalta Agus Gaolta (TG4, 8.30) Pádraig Ó Sé is the guest judge.
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (VM1 and ITV, 9pm) The final week, it says here.

Weekday Daytimes

  • Bargain Hunt (BBC1, 12.15; Scot 11.15 Th).
  • Eggheads (BBC2, 1.45; Wales 2.35 Tu; not Fr) Repeats.
  • Dickinson's Real Deal (ITV, 2pm) New episodes.
  • Countdown (C4, 2.10) Craig Charles is in Dictionary Corner. Rachel Riley goes on maternity leave after this week.
  • The Tournament (BBC1, 2.15; Scot 3pm We; Fr 1.45).
  • Moneybags (C4, 3pm) Craig Charles is no longer in Dictionary Corner.
  • Lingo (ITV, 3pm).
  • Swashbuckle (Cbeebies, 3.15) More new episodes.
  • Great Local Menu (BBC2, 3.45) Repeat from last Christmas.
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 4pm).
  • Four in a Bed (C4, 5pm).
  • The Chase (ITV, 5pm).
  • NBC The Voice (ITV2, 5pm) The live finals.
  • Pointless (BBC1, 5.15). Repeats all week.
  • Bake Off Down Under (More4, 5.30) Upside-down cakes made from inverted sugar, judged by Matt Moran and Maggie Beer. Originally shown in 2018.
  • House of Games (BBC2, 6pm) Champions week: Rickie Hayward-Williams, Sally Phillips, Vikki Stone, Dan Walker.
  • Strictly It Takes Two (BBC2, 6.30).
  • University Challenge at Christmas (BBC4, 7pm Mon, and Fri 7.30 Tu-Th) Repeats from last year.
  • Masterchef America (W, 7pm; not Fr).

Monday 6 December

  • It's Your Round (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm) From 2011.
  • Quote... Unquote (Radio 4, 3pm) Frank Gardner, Sathnam Sanghera, John Lloyd of Europe.
  • I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue (Radio 4, 6.30) Jan Ravens, Omid Djalili, Tony Hawks, Barry Cryer, still in the Hexagon Theatre in Reading. Jack Dee is the guest host.
  • Strongest Man (C5, 7pm) The final day in Milton Keynes.
  • Mastermind (BBC2, 7.30) John Rebus, Hamilton, Louis Theroux documentaries, James Craig.
  • Only Connect (BBC2, 8pm) Golfers vs Scrubs in the second quarter-final.
  • University Challenge (BBC2, 8.30).
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (VM1 and ITV, 9pm).
  • Quizzy Mondays (, 9.05) Gareth and guests look back at recent quizzing action.
  • Killer Camp (ITV2, 10.45) More gruesomeness, and that's just the contestants.
  • 8 Out of 10 Cats (C4, 11pm) Sean Lock and Harry Hill, Jon Richardson and Rose Matafeo.

Tuesday 7 December

  • The 3rd Degree (Radio 4 Extra, 4pm) Repeats from 2013.
  • Ultimate Goal (BT Sport 1, 6.30).
  • Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (BBC2, 7pm) Nikki Fox and Matt Allwright.
  • Would I Lie to You at Christmas? (BBC1, 8.30; not Scot) Repeat.
  • Masterchef The Professionals (BBC1, 9pm) Semi-finals start with a food memory.
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (VM1 and ITV, 9pm).
  • I Like the Way U Move (BBC1, 10.35; NI 11.05, Wales 11.25).
  • Killer Camp (ITV2, 11pm).
  • Taskmaster (C4, 11.35) Repeat from last Thursday.
  • Have I Got a Bit More News for You (BBC1, 11.35; NI 12.05am, Wales 12.20am); The Wheel (BBC1, 12.25am; not NI, Wales) Repeats from last weekend.

Wednesday 8 December

  • A Question of Sport (BBC1 Wales, 1.05am) Seen elsewhere on 26 November, and scheduled but cancelled on 27 November for some pompous gasbag with a bad haircut
  • Countdown (C4, 6.10am) The episode they lost on Friday. Replaces the usually-scheduled repeat from about three weeks ago.
  • Listomania (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • Portrait Artist of the Year (Artsworld and The Satellite Channel, 8pm) The semi-final, with Nick Mason of Pink Floyd.
  • Masterchef The Professionals (BBC1, 9pm) The chefs make a trip to a micro-brewery.
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (VM1 and ITV, 9pm).
  • Comedians Giving Lectures (Dave, 9pm) Ellie Taylor, Sophie Duker, Chris McCausland.
  • Love Trap (C4, 10pm) Last in the "present" series.
  • Gamesmaster (E4, 10pm) Anyone for Mario Kart?
  • Killer Camp (ITV2, 10.45) Last in the "present" series.

Thursday 9 December

  • A Question of Sport (BBC1 England, 12.40am; Scot, Wales 12.55am; not NI) Repeat from last Friday.
  • The Unbelievable Truth (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm).
  • Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (BBC2, 7pm) Mark Radcliffe and Edith Bowman, two great music presenters.
  • Scotland's Best Dog (BBC Scotland, 8pm) Featuring Buddy, Harper, Skye, and some tall creatures with two legs and no fur.
  • Masterchef The Professionals (BBC1, 9pm) More pop-up cookery.
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (VM1 and ITV, 9pm).
  • Mock the Week (BBC2, 10pm; NI 11.15) Maisie Adam, Rhys James, Milton Jones, Emily Lloyd-Saini, Glenn Moore.

Friday 10 December

  • Blankety Blank (BBC1, 12.05am; not NI) More popular than the BLANK Game.
  • It's Not What You Know (Radio 4 Extra, 7.30am, 5.30 and 10pm).
  • Funny You Should Ask (Radio 4 Extra, 9am and 4pm). A panel game about comedy from 1979.
  • Breaking the News (Radio Scotland, 1.30).
  • Celebrity Antiques Road Trip (BBC2, 7pm) The Fingers on Buzzers crossover episode, with Jenny Ryan and Lucy Porter.
  • A Question of Sport (BBC1, 7.30; Scot 11.25) Famous fans: Anton Du Beke, Shaun Wallace from The Chase, Big Zuu, Jules Breach.
  • I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (VM1 and ITV, 9pm).
  • Clash of the Cover Bands (E!, 9pm) "Powerhouse vocals", covering Céline Dion and Aretha Franklin.
  • Have I Got News for You (BBC1, 9.30) Jess Phillips hosts, with Jon Richardson and Hannah Fry.
  • QI (BBC2, 10pm) Noel, a repeat.

Sign language interpretation

  • Dress to Impress (ITV2, 8.20am Sat) Two episodes.
  • Lingo (ITV, 5.05am Sat, Sun).
  • Tipping Point (ITV, 5.05am Mon-Fri).
  • Love Bites (ITV2, 6am Mon-Fri).
  • Masterchef The Professionals (BBC2, 8am and 8.30am Tue, 2.55am and 3.55am Thu).
  • Home of the Year (RTE2, 4.10am Wed)
  • Caru Siopa (S4C, 12.05 Wed).
  • Home Advantage (RTE1, 2.45am Thu).
  • Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1, 1.15am and 2.15am Fri).
  • Rolling in It (ITV, 3.15am Sat).


Saturday night in German telly has Das Duell um die Welt (Pro7), Joko and Klaas send their famous friends around the world to complete silly tasks. NDR has an all-evening edition of Gefragt-Gejagt featuring four teams up against all four Chasers. The Voice of Germany moves to live shows.

French viewers might enjoy a new series of District Z (TF1, Sat), they promise new challenges and a gross surprise. Family channel Gulli has a new series of Tahiti Quest, parents and children find the treasure and don't get eliminated.

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