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(A guide to game shows broadcast in the UK and Ireland for the seven days beginning 16 June 2007: Point to show)
(Correction - No 'Y Talwrn' on Sunday because of Cardiff Singer coverage, moves to Tuesday at 1215 (where it's usually repeated))
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|1800||FTN || Bullseye x2
|1800||FTN || Bullseye x2
|1845||RCym|| Y Talwrn
|1900||FTN || The Krypton Factor x2
|1900||FTN || The Krypton Factor x2
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|0045||TV3 || Antan Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway <font color=red>New!</font>
|0045||TV3 || Antan Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway <font color=red>New!</font>
|1215||RCym|| Y Talwrn
|1230||BBC7|| The News Quiz||Repeated 1930.
|1230||BBC7|| The News Quiz||Repeated 1930.

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A guide to game shows broadcast in the UK and Ireland for the seven days beginning 16 June 2007

Schedules are subject to change.

New and notable

Would I Lie to You? (BBC1, Saturday 9.55)

Did you threaten to drink Cooper's Creosote?

Cardiff Singer of the World (Saturday: Radio 3 1830, BBC4 1930. Sunday: Radio 3, Radio Wales, Radio Cymru 1700; BBC2 1730)

Saturday is the Song category final, Sunday the Opera final. Is it really necessary for the BBC to send four commentary teams to the event?

Round Britain Quiz (Radio 4, Monday 1.30)

What links The World This Weekend, The World At One, and Saturday Review with the Far Side of the Lough, the Boleyn Inheritance, and Something Else?

Golden Balls (ITV, 5pm weekdays in most regions)

That's Mr. Carrot to you.

Tycoon (ITV, 9pm Tuesday)

Six people play a 1994 computer game, with Peter Jones giving them advice.

Jet Set 2012 (BBC1, 8pm Wednesday)

Eamonn Holmes is sending people across the globe. They'll have heard his radio show.

Saturday 16 June

0830CBBC Raven
0900BBC2 Hider in the House
0950ITV Jungle Run
1000 G2 Headjam
1000CBBC 50/50
1103RUls The Blame Game
1125S4C Shipwrecked
1200C5US Whose Line is it Anyway?Also 1500.
1203RCym Bwlletin
1228Rad4 The News Quiz
1300CBBC Clutter Nutters
1300LIV So You Think You Can Dance
1400CBBC Get Your Own Back
1529TV5M Questions pour un Champion
1640 C4 Deal or No Deal Classic
1640S4C Deal or No Deal
1730BBC1 The Weakest LinkComedians.
1730BBC2 The People's Quiz WildcardScotland only. Subject to delay if the tennis runs over.
1800FTN Bullseye x2
1820BBC1 The People's Quiz
1830Rad3 Cardiff Singer of the World: Song Prize Final SpecialFiona Talkington and Catherine Bott cover the final of the non-opera section. BBC4 has television coverage from 1930.
1900FTN The Krypton Factor x2
1915TG4 Survivor Fiji
1945ITV Britain's Got TalentAlso TV3.
2010RTE1 The Trump Card
2100 G2 QI Night Special
2155BBC1 Would I Lie to You? New!Angus Deayton, David Mitchell, Lee Mack, and a bunch of lies.
2231TV5 Fort Boyard
2300Rad4 Counterpoint

Sunday 17

0830CBBC Raven
0900Mor4 Scrapheap Challenge x4
1000CBBC 50/50
1125S4C Shipwrecked The FinalIt wasn't live for C4, either.
1200C5US Whose Line is it Anyway?Also 1500.
1204Rad4 I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
1230BBC2 The People's Quiz WildcardScotland only.
1300CBBC Clutter Nutters
1320TV3 All-Star Family Fortunes
1340Mor4 Come Dine With Me x5
1400CBBC Get Your Own Back
1500CITV Jungle Run
1730BBC2 Cardiff Singer of the World SpecialThe Opera section. Sian Williams and Aled Jones on the television. Radio coverage begins at 1700: Petroc Trelawney and Catherine Bott on Radio 3, Shan Cothi on Radio Wales, Beti George and Alwyn Humphreys on Radio Cymru.
1800FTN Bullseye x2
1900FTN The Krypton Factor x2
1915 C4 Deal or No DealNo More4 show today, for obvious reasons.
1920BBC1 The Great British Village Show
2000ITV Britain's Got TalentThe grand final, concludes 2200. Also TV3.
2100 G2 QI Night Special
2200BBC7 The News Quiz


0100Mor4 Countdown (not Mo)
0730BBC2 Clutter Nutters New!
0800CBBC Raven The Island
0800DSCI Scrapheap Challenge x2 New!
0800STYL Bargain Hunt New!
0900Mor4 Deal or No DealAlso approx. 1300.
0945TV5M Des Chiffres et des Lettres
1010TV5M Tout le Monde Veut Prendre sa Place
1200C5US Whose Line Is It Anyway? x2
1300 G2 Headjam
1325S4C Deal or No Deal
1415S4C Countdown
1435TV3 The Price is RightTue - Thu only.
1529TV5M Questions pour un Champion
1530 C4 CountdownFinals Week continues, Jo Brand makes up words in Confusion Corner.
1615 C4 Deal or No DealAlso 1805 on More4.
1630CITV Jungle Run
1700ITV Golden Balls New!Jasper Carrott plays with round metal containers containing money. UTV: 1630 (as in, 30 minutes earlier.)
1700CBBC Get Your Own Back
1700 G2 Head Jam
1715BBC2 Weakest Link
1800BBC2 The People's Quiz WildcardScot: Mo-We. Not Fr.
1800FTN The Crystal Maze
1830BBC2 Let Me Entertain YouScot: not Th. All transmitters: Fr 1800
1830 C5 PaydayRepeated on Five Life at 6pm the next day.
1900FTN Gladiators
2300 G2 QI

Monday 18

1230BBC7 I'm Sorry I Haven't a ClueRepeated 1930.
1330Rad4 Round Britain Quiz New!(1/12) Scotland v Midlands.
1830Rad4 I'm Sorry I Haven't a ClueRob Brydon joins from Cardiff.
2200BBC2 Old NewsJulian Clary, Quentin Letts, Alun Cochrane. 2W 0020.
2200TG4 Paisean Faisean

Tuesday 19

0045TV3 Antan Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway New!
1215RCym Y Talwrn
1230BBC7 The News QuizRepeated 1930.
1725S4CD Mama Mia
1900BBC2 The ApprenticeNot 2W.
2000C5US Whose Line is it Anyway?
2100ITV Tycoon New!Competitive profiteering, overseen by Peter Jones.
2100 G2 QI
2140 G2 HIGNFY x2
2200BBC2 QINot 2W.

Wednesday 20

0410ITV Watching the Detectives x2With sign language.
1330Rad4 Quote Unquote
1725TV5 Fort BoyardDavid Martin.
1900ESPT Strongest Man New!The Latvian event.
1900ESP2 Viking
1930ESP2 Timbersports x2
2000BBC1 Jet Set 2012 New!
2200BBC2 Buzzcocks... Imagine a Mildly Amusing Panel Show SpecialIt's a highlights programme. Not 2W.

Thursday 21

1230BBC7 Just a MinuteRepeated 1930.
1600S4C Mama Mia
1630CITV Jungle Run New!
1900BBC2 Let Me Entertain YouScotland only.
2100 G2 Dragons' Den
2100GOLD TV Now and Then x2
2300 G2 Buzzcocks

Friday 22

1230BBC7 All the Way from MemphisAlso 1930.
1530 C4 CountdownThe final.
1630BBC1 Raven
1800BBC2 Let Me Entertain YouThe final.
1803RCym Bwlletin
1930RUls The Blame Game
2100 G2 Buzzcocks
2130 C4 8 Out of 10 CatsAlso S4C.



0700I Dare You
0800Takeshi x2
0900The Crystal Maze
1000Catchphrase x3
1130Bullseye x3
1300Millionaire x2
1500Bruce's Price is Right x3
1630Bullseye x3
1800Family Fortunes x3
1930Strike it Rich
2000Darts Special
2100Fear Factor x2


As Saturday except

0700Going Straight
1930Takeshi's Castle


0700Takeshi x2
0800The Crystal Maze
0900Supermarket Sweep x2 New!
1000Cash Cab x2
1100Play Your Cards Right x2
1200Family Fortunes
1230The Pyramid Game with Donny Osmond
1400Bullseye x2
1500That's the Question
1530The Pyramid Game with Donny Osmond
1600Fifteen to One
1630The People Versus
1800Crystal Maze
1900Family Fortunes x2
2000Strike it Rich x2
2200Fear Factor
2300Distraction x2 (Fri: Gambling)

Tuesday - Friday

As Monday except

1230Family Fortunes

Big Brother

Main programmes (all C4)

Sa No transmission
Su 2100 (S4C 2300)
Mo 2200
Tu 2200 (S4C 2245)
We 2000 and 2130 (S4C 2230 and 2300)
Th 2100 (S4C 2220)
Fr 2030 and 2200

On the Couch

Su 2000 (S4C 2200)

Little Brother (E4 unless stated)

Su 1250 (C4; S4C 1330)
Mo-Fr 1930

Diary Room Uncut

Su C4 1350; S4C 1430

Big Mouth (E4)

Tu-Th 2300

Live coverage overnight on C4 and S4C, and for much of the day on E4.

Channel abbreviations:

BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
2W BBC2 Wales digital service
BBC7BBC7 (Radio)
C5 Five
ESP2Eurosport 2
ITV ITV (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV UK Living TV
LIV2UK Living TV 2
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad4BBC Radio 4
RCymBBC Radio Cymru
RNaGBBC Radio nan Gaidheal
RSctBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTE2RTE2 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
S4C S4C (analogue)
S4CDS4C Digidol
SCOTScottish / Grampian (ITV in Scotland)
SKY1Sky Onc
SKY3Sky Thrcc
TG4 TG4 (Irish)
TOONCartoon Network
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5MTV5 Monde (Europe)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV in Northern Ireland)

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