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A guide to game shows broadcast in the UK and Ireland for the week beginning 5 September 2009

Schedules are subject to change.

If it's the start of September, it's the return of Fighting Talk (Radio 5, 11am Saturday). Britain's Best Dish (ITV, 5pm weekdays) is back, and Clever v Stupid (BBC3, 8.30 Monday) is the replacement for The OC. 9pm Monday is the home of food (The Restaurant on BBC2, Hell's Kitchen on ITV2), but Channel 4 replies at 10pm Tuesday (The Big Food Fight). Mastermind Plant Cymru begins its new series (S4C, 8.25 Thursday). Bet they're not lining up in the titles.

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0325VIR1 Unbeatable Banzuke x2 New!
0415VIR1 Stake Out x2
0505VIR1 It's Not What You Know
0525 C4 Countdown
0600VIR1 Millionaire
0700VIR1 Ninja Warrior x2
0800VIR1 Fort Boyard New!
0830BBC2 Richard Hammond's Blast LabLasers.
0850 E4 Shipwrecked
0900BBC2 Skate Nation
0940ITV Scratch 'n' Sniff's Den of Doom New!Has ITV really run out of fusty old soaps? STV 1040.
1000CBBC Brain-Jitsu
1055S4C Big BrotherRepeated from yesterday. S4C 1130.
1100CBBC Best of Friends
1100Rad5 Fighting Talk New!
1228Rad4 I Guess That's Why They Call It the News
1330ITV Millionaire
1500CBBC Trapped!
1600 C4 Come Dine With Me x5
1600S4C Deal or No Deal
1630TV5 Questions Pour un Champion
1645S4C 0 Ond 1
1700BBC1 As Seen on TVNot NI.
1700CITV Eliminator
1735TV3 Who Dares Sings!Sorry, Ireland.
1800VIR1 Millionaire
1815BBC1 The Weakest Link New!Radio DJs.
1835TV3 The CubeAs seen in the UK last week.
1915BBC1 Big 7A ninety minutes advert for The Lottery Corp.
1935ITV Simon Cowell AnnoysBognor Regis. Also TV3.
2005RTE1 The Big Money Game
2035ITV The Cube
2300Rad4 Round Britain QuizShowing that every BBC contributor watched Blue Peter and never Magpie.


0415 C4 Scrapheap Challenge
0510 C4 Countdown
0600VIR1 Millionaire
0600GOLD Brucie's Generation Game Now and Then
0700VIR1 Ninja Warrior x2Also 0510.
0755 C4 The Rat Race New!Edinburgh hosts the mix of running, cycling, and bizarre challenges.
0800VIR1 Fort Boyard
1000Mor4 Scrapheap Challenge x4
1100DAVE Dragons' Den
1204Rad4 Just a Minute
1205BBC1 Ready Steady Cook
1330ITV The X FactorTV3 1530.
1500CBBC Trapped!
1645 C4 Deal or No Deal
1700CITV Jungle Run
1705Mor4 Come Dine With Me x5
1730 C4 Scrap ChallengeStuck in the Mud.
1900TV3 Antan Dec's Wanna Bet
1930DAVE Dragons' Den x 1.5Yep, one-and-a-half episodes. Us neither.
2100BBC2 Dragons' DenBBC-HD 1900. Not Scot.
2200BBC7 I Guess That's Why They Call It the News
2220BBC1 Wildest DreamsScotland only.
2300BBC2 Shooting StarsNot Wales.

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0325VIR1 Unbeatable Banzuke x2
0415VIR1 Ninja Warrior x2
0505VIR1 It's Not What You KnowAbove three not Mo.
0600WTCH Bargain Hunt
0700VIR1 Take It or Leave It
0800BBC2 Trapped
0800VIR1 Bullseye x2
0900VIR1 Millionaire
0940TV5 Des Chiffres et des Lettres
1010TV5 Tout le Monde Veut Prendre Sa Place
1215BBC1 Bargain Hunt
1225CBBC RavenSigned We, Th.
1330S4C Deal or No DealNot Fr.
1415BBC1 The Weakest LinkThis is not a misprint; the drama Land Girls elbows into the regular slot.
1415S4C CountdownNot Fr.
1500ITV Dickinson's Real Deal
1505BBC1 Kerwhizz
1525 C4 CountdownBe it ever so Kate Humble.
1610 C4 Deal or No Deal
1630BBC2 PointlessNot Th.
1630TV5 Questions Pour un Champion
1700ITV Britain's Best Dish New!We begin in Granadaland. Not STV.
1700 C4 Wogan's Perfect RecallS4C 1130.
1730 C4 Come Dine With Me
1800BBC2 EggheadsNot Th.
1800WTCH Masterchef Goes Large
2300RLLY The Apprentice


0500VIR1 Ninja Warrior x2
0515 C4 Countdown
1230BBC7 All the Way From MemphisAlso 1930.
1330Rad4 Round Britain QuizScotland v Northern Ireland. "Half of Globelink's secretary amounts to a Steps single. Silver is its own square root, but gold's only one more. What's Happening??" Answer in the next Week.
1605BBC1 Best of Friends
1830Rad4 Just a MinuteJenny Eclair, Stephen Fry, Paul Merton, Charles Collingwood.
2000BBC2 University ChallengeImperial College v Southampton
2000FOOD Masterchef Goes Large
2030BBC3 Clever v Stupid New!This week, glamour models try to prove they're better than boffins. Signed repeat 0335 Th.
2100BBC2 The Restaurant New!
2100ITV2 Hell's Kitchen x2 New!
2100DAVE Mock the Week
2100LIV Four Weddings
2200BBC2 Mock the WeekScot 2320.
2200TG4 Survivor Gabon
2235BBC1 Would I Lie to You?Kelvin Mackenzie, Christine Bleakley, Frankie Boyle, Jack Whitehall. Every week, the same faces. NI 2335.

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0140BBC1 Wildest DreamsSigned, AudioD. Not Scotland.
1505BBC1 Kerwhizz
1600ITV3 Daily Cooks Challenge
1630CBBC Basil's Game Show
1635BBC1 Beat the Boss
1830S4C Gair am Aur Old!An old edition of Llion Williams' show where words win prizes.
1900BBC2 MastermindWales only.
2000ITV MillionaireHeather Small and Mark Foster; Steve Rider and Andy Townsend.
2000BBC3 Virgin Cooks
2100DAVE Buzzcocks
2200 C4 The Big Food Fight New!Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall cooks off against Heston Blumenthal.
2200BRVO Deadliest WarriorApache v Gladiator.


1300TV5 La Carte aux Tresors
1605BBC1 Wait For It..!BBC-HD 1715.
1715CBBC Trapped!
1830S4C Shotolau Old!Continuing the archive theme, a session of clay pigeon shooting.
2100LIV Dating in the Dark New!
2100DAVE Mock the Week
2200BBC2 Shooting StarsWith Julia Bradbury. Also BBC-HD.


0400 C4 Scrapheap Challenge
0500 C4 Countdown
1230BBC7 The Personality TestRick Wakeman. Also 1930.
1605BBC1 Best of Friends
1900BBC2 Dragons' DenNot Wales, NI.
2000ITV2 Paris Hilton's Best Friend Forever
2025S4C Mastermind Plant Cymru New!Another round of the Welsh-language quiz for children.
2200BBC2 Mock the WeekJack Whitehall and Frankie Boyle. What did we say in Monday's billings? Show some imagination, bookers!


0410 C4 Scrapheap Challenge
0510 C4 Countdown
1605BBC1 Wait For It..!BBC-HD 1715.
1810RSco Swots
1830Rad4 I Guess That's Why They Call It the News
1930 C4 Celeb Come Dine With Me New!
2000BBC2 MastermindGeorge Cross, "The Ascent of Man", First Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, Clement Attlee. Not Wales.
2000DAVE Whose Line x2
2000ARTS Art RaceTwo painters travel across North America with their equipment and one dollar.
2025S4C 0 Ond 1
2030 C4 The Big Food Fight
2100WTCH The Strictly Come Dancing Story
2200BBC2 QINot Wales.

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0000The Weakest Link
0100Distraction x2
0200The People Versus x2
0300It's Not What You KnowTo 0400.
0700Cruel Summer x2
0800Fear Factor
090060 Minute Makeover x2 New!
1100Play Your Cards Right x2 New!
1200The Crystal Maze
1300The Amazing Race
1400Celeb Millionaire x6
2000Family Fortunes x2
2200One Versus One Hundred
2300Shooting Stars x2 New!


As Saturday except

0000Bullseye x4
0200Play Your Cards Right x2
0300Family Fortunes x2To 0400.
1400The Weakest Link x6To 2000.


0000Bullseye x4
0200Play Your Cards Right x2
0300Family Fortunes x2To 0400.
0700Ninja Warrior x2
0800Takeshi x2
0900Supermarket Sweep x2 New!
1000Wheel of Fortune x2 New!
1100Wipeout x2 New!
1200Play Your Cards Right x2
1300Catchphrase x2
1500Chain Letters x2
1600The Crystal Maze
1700Ninja Warrior x2
1800Takeshi x2
1900Eggheads x2
2000Catchphrase x2
2100One Versus One Hundred
2200Millionaire x2

Tuesday - Friday

As Monday except

0000Bullseye x2
0100Distraction x2
0200Takeshi x2
0300It's Not What You KnowTo 0400.

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Channel abbreviations

4MUS4 Music
ABSRAbsolute Radio
ARTSSky Arts
BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC7BBC7 (Radio)
BORDBorder (ITV in Cumbria and south-west Scotland)
C5 Five
CLASClassic FM (Radio)
COMCComedy Central
COMXComedy Central Extra
DISNDisney Channel
DRT Discovery Real Time
DSCIDiscovery Science
ESP2Eurosport 2
HTV HTV (ITV in Wales; Wales only unless noted)
ITV ITV (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV UK Living TV
LIV2UK Living TV 2
MENMMen and Motors
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad3BBC Radio 3
Rad4BBC Radio 4
Rad5BBC Radio 5
RCymBBC Radio Cymru
RSctBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTE2RTE2 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
S4C S4C (analogue)
S4CDS4C Digidol
SCI Sci-Fi
SKY1Sky One
SKY2Sky Two
SKY3Sky Three
STV STV (ITV in North and Central Scotland)
TLKSTalk Sport (radio)
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5MTV5 Monde (Europe)
TG4 TG 4 (Irish)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV in Northern Ireland)
VIR1Virgin 1

AudioD - Audio Description for the blind

Signed - in-vision British Sign Language translation.

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