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The search for a new Superstar begins this week (ITV, 7.25 Saturday and 8pm Sunday), there's Who Wants to be a Millionaire (ITV, 9pm Mon - Wed), and a new run of Fort Boyard for francophones (TV5, 5.30 Saturday). Weekdays feature Secret Dealers (ITV, 3pm) and All New Blockbusters (Challenge, 8pm), which begins with a Konnie Huq special.

Schedules subject to change.

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Saturday 7 July

0800CBBCTotal WipeoutA different episode on Watch.
0830BBC2The Slammer
1000C4Love Shaft
1000BBC2My Genius Idea
1200TV5A Table
1215BBC1Bargain Hunt
1525TV5Questions Pour un Champion
1605C4Celebrity Deal or No DealSarah Millican. AudioD.
1630CITVJungle Run
1630CBBCSchool of Silence
1705C4Come Dine With Me x5
1730TV5Fort Boyard New!A team equiped with six personalities seeks the keys which access the room of treasure of Fort Boyard.
1900DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News For You
1925ITVSuperstar New!Auditions to find a new Jesus. Ice-skating not a pre-requisite. Also 3e.
2020BBC1Secret FortuneLast week, Andy and Marcos carried off untold squillions. Can Zoe and Ronnie do as well? Following programmes subject to delay and cancellation.
2020RTE1The Big Money Game
2025ITVLet's Get GoldLast in the present series, it optimistically says.
2100C5Big BrotherBit on the Side follows on 5*.
2100C4The Million Pound Drapp LiveRpt 0210.
2210ITVMad Mad WorldJonathan Ross, Denise Van Outen, Antony Cotton.

Sunday 8

0825ITVDinner Date
0855MOR4Deal or No DealAudioD.
0900CBBCGory Games
0955MOR4The Best of Scrapheap Challenge
1020ITVThere's No Taste Like Home
1150MOR4Four in a Bed x5
1204Rad4I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
1235ITVDickinson's Real DealSD. Two more episodes follow on ITV3.
1630CITVJungle Run
1630C4Come Dine With MeIsle of Man.
1710Mor4Come Dine With Me x5
1730C4Deal or No DealAudioD. SD.
1735ITVThe Chase With CelebritiesUlrikakakaka.
1915Rad4The Write Stuff
2000ITVSuperstarMore auditions. Also 3e.
2030TV3Celebrity MastermindPaddy Courtney, Nell McCafferty, Una Mulally, Rick O'Shea.
2100C5Big BrotherBit on the Side follows on 5*.
2100DAVEQI night
2200BBC2Mock the WeekNot Scotland, where the music festival is more important.
2340BBC1Room 101Subject to delay or cancellation if the tennis goes to extra time, penalties, or a Scotland win. Not NI.

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0600CHALThe Devil's Dinner PartyNew to DTTV.
0900CBBCAlesha's Street Dance Stars
1000C4Four RoomsSeries 1.
1200CBBCThe SlammerSigned We, Th.
1215BBC1Bargain HuntSome episodes SD.
1400ITVMay the Best House Win
1415BBC2The Weakest LinkTu not Wales.
1500ITVSecret Dealers New!Sale or No Sale?
1500PICKThe Biggest Loser Us
1510C4CountdownJo Brand makes up words.
1525TV5 Questions Pour un Champion
1600C4Deal or No DealAudioD. SD.
1700C4Four in a Bed
1700ITVTipping Point
1730C4Come Dine With MeM***** K*****.
1800BBC2EggheadsCAUTION: Contains Tim Vine's brother. Also BBC-HD. Not Fr.
1900RLLYMasterchef Australia
1900DAVEQI XLNot Fr.
1900CHALCleverdicks New!What did Harry Hill get so excited about? And remember Harry Hill? New to DTTV and cable.
2000CHALAll New Blockbusters New!Monday: a celebrity hour, featuring Paul Daniels, Keith Fuddy, and the return of Konnie Huq. And find out how she did in 1992 at 9pm. Then regular episodes for the rest of the week.
2100FDNTChoppedFood Network.
2200C5Big BrotherMon, Fr 2100. Bit on the Side follows at 2300 (2200 Fr).

Monday 9

0245ITV2Golden Balls
1740S4CMeindia dy Fusnes
1830Rad4I'm Sorry I Haven't a ClueSwansea: Rob Brydon is the guest panelist, Jack Dee the guest host.
2000ITV2The Cube
2100ITV2Hell's KitchenGordon Ramsay and eighteen new hopefuls.
2100DAVEMock the Week
2100ITVWho Wants to be a Millionaire? New!Members of the public! Live! Chris Tarrant! We're going to party like it's 1999!
2100LIVBritain and Ireland's ext Top Model New!Whitney Port and Tyson Beckford, which sounds like CBN's news anchors.
2140DAVEWould I Lie to You? x2Best bits: 2305 on BBC1 in England and Scotland.
2200BBC2QIHouse and Home. Not Wales, NI 0050 Th-Fr.
2235BBC1A Question of SportNI, Wales 2305.

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Tuesday 10

0930Rd4XJest a Minute
1900ITV2Britain's Got Talent Us
2100ITV2Hell's Kitchen UsThe dislikable lamb.
2100DAVEQI XL x2
2100ITVWho Wants to be a Millionaire

Wednesday 11

0300ITVGolden BallsNot STV.
0415BBC1Great British MenuSigned.
0930Rd4XCounterpoint 2005
1630BBC1Gory Games
1745CBBCThe Slammer
1750TG4Total Wipe Us Out
2000ITV2Britain's Got Talent Us
2100ITVWho Wants to be a Millionaire
2200BBC2The ExhibitionistsWales only.
2245BBC1Have I Got Old News for YouWales 2325, Scotland 2345, NI 0150.

Thursday 12

0410BBC1Great British MenuSigned.
0930Rd4XThe Guessing Game
1900LIV2The Biggest Loser Australia x2
1900ITV2The Cube
2000C5Kitchen WarsTeam Spoon and a halibut.
2000LIVFour WeddingsAnd a school bus.
2200BBC2Mock the WeekThis week's guest round: Who's on first? Also BBC-HD.

Friday 13

0330BBC1Great British Menu x2Signed. Also 0400 Sat morning.
0930Rd4XTrivia Test Match
1900ITV2The Cube
2000C4Come Dine With MePeterborough.
2030BBC1Would I Lie to You?
2100C4The Million Pound Drapp LiveAlso 0225, when it's not live.
2100DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News for You
1930BBC1A Question of SportThe best bits.
2200C5The BachelorPic-a-nic.
2200DAVEMock the Week
2310C4A Short History of Everything ElseMoving to Friday, with Will Self and Josh Widdicombe.
2300TV3Take Me Out
2510PICKA League of Their Own

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Channel abbreviations

4MUS4 Music
ABSRAbsolute Radio
ARTSSky Arts
BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BORDBorder (ITV in Cumbria and south-west Scotland)
C4 Channel 4
C5 Channel 5
CLASClassic FM (Radio)
DISNDisney Channel
DRT Discovery Real Time
ESP2Eurosport 2
FDNTFood Network
HTV HTV (ITV in Wales; Wales only unless noted)
ITV ITV1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV Sky Living
LIV2Sky Living It
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad3BBC Radio 3
Rad4BBC Radio 4
Rad5BBC Radio 5
Rd4XBBC Radio 4Xtra
RCymBBC Radio Cymru
RSctBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTE2RTE2 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
S4CDS4C Digidol
SKY1Sky 1
SKY2Sky 2
SKYASky Atlantic
STV STV (ITV1 in North and Central Scotland)
TLKSTalk Sport (radio)
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5 TV5 Monde (Europe)
TG4 TG 4 (Irish)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV1 in Northern Ireland)

AudioD - Audio Description for the blind.

Signed - in-vision British Sign Language translation.

Shows on BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV2, E4, and Sky One are in HD unless specified as SD. Shows on other channels are marked as HD.

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