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The Great British Bake Off fans, your waiting is over! The Comic Relief specials are here, and run through the week (BBC2, 8.30 Mon, 8pm Tu-Th). Opposite, on Tuesday, is an edition of Celeb Millionaire repeated from last month. Channel 5 brings the curtain down on the current series of Celeb Big Brother.

Schedules subject to change.

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Saturday 19 January

0830CBBCHole in the Wall
1100Rad5Fighting Talk
1228Rad4The News Quiz
1330RLLYFour in a Bed x5
1430CBBCHooplaChopped down to 30 minutes.
1530TV5Questions Pour un Champion
1610C4Celebrity Come Dine with Me Ireland x5
1630CITVJungle Run
17055*Pop Idol Us x3Includes a new episode at 2000.
1800DAVETotal Wipe Us Out
1845BBC1Britain's BrightestLocked in rooms.
1900DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News for You Night
1940RTE1Winning Streak
2000BBC1It In to Win It
2030ITVTake Me OutThe Gossip follows on ITV2 at 2145.
2145C5Celebrity Big BrotherBit on the Side follows on 5* at 2245.
2300Rad4Brain of Britain

Sunday 20

0900WTCHTotal Wipeout CanadaChocolate Thunder, and other small hamlets in Manitoba.
0930ITVThere's No Taste Like Home
1130ITVMay the Best House Win
1204Rad4The Unbelievable Truth
1255ITVDickinson's Real DealSD.
1320BBC1Bargain HuntSD. Scotland 1330.
1600DAVETotal Wipe Us Out
1610Mor4Come Dine With Me x5
1625C4Deal or No DealAudioD.
1630CITVJungle RunCoronation Street.
1740DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News for You
1800SKY1Got to Dance x2Auditions.
1815ITVDancing on IceContinues at 2030.
1820DAVENever Mind the Buzzcocks
1830RTE1The Voice of Holland Ireland
1900C4Come Dine With MeLake District.
1920TV3Celebrity MastermindA repeat from last summer.
1945ITVFamous Family FortunesJonnie Peacock v Sherrie Hewson.
2000TV3Alan Hughes' Celebrity Family FortunesNiamh Kavanagh v Noel Cunningham.
2000DAVEQI XL night
2100C5Celebrity Big BrotherBit on the Side follows on 5* at 2200.
2325BBC1Room 101 Extra StorageWales 2355, Scotland 0010.

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0745CBBCJedward's Big AdventureRepeating the recent series.
0905BBC2Masterchef The ProfessionalsSigned. Not Fr.
1120CBBCThe Slammer
1215BBC1Bargain HuntSome episodes SD. Also BBC-HD 1630.
1330RLLYFour in a Bed
1440C4CountdownThe Second Supreme Championship, week 3: Margaret Mountford.
1530TV5 Questions Pour un Champion
1530C4Face the Clock
1600C4Deal or No DealAudioD.
1600ITVTipping Point
1630BBC1Antiques Road Trip
1700ITVThe Chase
1700C4Four in a Bed
1730C4Come Dine With MeSheffield.
1800BBC2EggheadsAlso BBC-HD.
1800SKY1Got to DanceDaily updates.
1900RLLYMasterchef South Africa
2100C5Celebrity Big BrotherBit on the Side follows at 2300 (We 2230).
2200GDFDMasterchef Ireland

Monday 21

0005BBC1The Celebrity Apprentice UsWales 0035, Scotland 0050.
1500Rad4Brain of Britain
1725TG4Bog Stop
1830Rad4The Unbelievable TruthTony Hawks, Ed Byrne (comedian), Lucy Porter, Charlie Higson.
1900LIVThe Biggest Loser Us x2
2000BBC2University ChallengeUCL v Jesus Oxford.
2030BBC2The Great Comic Relief Bake Off New!Splash!'s Jo Brand, Stephen K Amos, Ingrid Oliver, Lorna Watson.
2235BBC1Have I Got Old News for YouNot Wales, NI.
2350BBC2QINI only.

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Tuesday 22

0025BBC1The Celebrity Apprentice UsCountry singers. NI 0050.
1900BBC3Total Wipeout
2000TV3Come Dine with Me IrelandDublin.
2000BBC2The Great Comic Relief Bake OffAndy Akinwolere, Duncan Bannatyne, Warwick Davis, Simon Reeve.
2000ITVWho Wants to be a MillionaireAnother chance to miss the pantomime special. Not STV, UTV 2305.
2100ALBAFarpaisean Chon-Chaorach
2200DAVEMock the Week x2

Wednesday 23

1700CITVFort Boyard Ultimate Challenge
1740S4CY Lifft
2000BBC2The Great Comic Relief Bake OffJulia Bradbury, Bob Mortimer, Ellie Simmonds, Kirsty Wark.
2235BBC1A Question of SportSarah Storey, Mark Lawrenson, Paul di Resta, Martin Offiah. NI 2335, making way for Stephen Nolan.
2240DAVEMock the Week
2300ITV2Celebrity JuiceSoap special.

Thursday 24

20005*Pop Idol Us
2000BBC2The Great Comic Relief Bake OffThe Unbelievable Truth's Ed Byrne (comedian), Helen Glover, Marthe Kearney, Claudia Winkleman.
22005*Celebrity Big BrotherLive streaming.
2200DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News for You
2200ITV2Fake ReactionCBB's Amy Childs and Brian Dowling, Kian Egan, Tiffany Stevenson.
2200BBC2Mock the WeekNot Scotland, NI.
2255DAVENever Mind the Buzzcocks

Friday 25

1800S4CDan Glo
1830Rad4The News QuizJeremy Hardy, Hugo Rifkind, Bob Mills, Splash! and Bake Off's Jo Brand.
1900LIVThe Love MachineFollowed by Love Bites.
1930BBC1A Question of SportAs Wednesday evening.
2000BBC2MastermindMonty Python, Lord Nelson, Hergé's Adventures of Tin Tin, African Big Five.
20005*Pop Idol UsStretches for three long hours. And that's just Mariah Carey's opening note.
2030BBC1Room 101Paloma Faith, Jason Manford, Deborah Meaden.
2100DAVEHave I Got A Bit More News for You
2100C48 Out of 10 Cats
2100C5Celebrity Big BrotherLast in the present series.
2200BBC2QIH for 'hextended Highlights. Also BBC-HD. Not Wales, NI.
2300DAVEMock the Week

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Channel abbreviations

4MUS4 Music
BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
C4 Channel 4
C5 Channel 5
ESP2Eurosport 2
HTV HTV (ITV in Wales; Wales only unless noted)
ITV ITV1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV Sky Living
LIV2Sky Living It
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad3BBC Radio 3
Rad4BBC Radio 4
Rad5BBC Radio 5
Rd4XBBC Radio 4Xtra
RCymBBC Radio Cymru
RScoBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTE2RTE2 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
SKY1Sky 1
SKYASky Atlantic
STV STV (ITV1 in North and Central Scotland)
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5 TV5 Monde (Europe)
TG4 TG 4 (Irish)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV1 in Northern Ireland)

Other stations explained in the programme description.

AudioD - Audio Description for the blind.

Signed - in-vision British Sign Language translation.

Shows on BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV2, E4, Sky Living, and Sky One are in HD unless specified as SD. Shows on other channels are marked as HD.

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