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A guide to game shows for the nine days commencing Saturday 9 September 2006

New and notable this week:

Princess Nikki, Saturday 9.55am, C4
When they told the twice-rejected Big Brother contestant that her efforts to gain employment would go out in the prestigious 10 o'clock slot, they didn't mean 10pm Friday...
Television's 50 Greatest Stars, Saturday 5.30, ITV
Remember when ITV made quality programmes that were the envy of the world? Bradley Walsh does, and he's going to remind us of those long-lost days.
The Match, Sunday 7pm, Sky Onc
Celebrities playing football. Hosted by Mark Durden-Smith; auditionees include Lee From Steps and Anthony From Last Year's Big Brother.
Face the Music, Sunday 9pm, BBC4
An episode from 1973; Joseph Cooper chairs, with Joyce Grenfell, Patrick Moore, and Robin Ray. Part of a Joyce Grenfell evening.
Celebrity Masterchef, weekdays 7pm, BBC1
Amongst those competing this week are Marie Helvin, Sheila Ferguson, and Isabella Hervey.
Mock the Week, Thursday 10pm, BBC2
A new series, with more untried comedians than before. Which explains why they've booked Clive Anderson and Gina Yashere.

The full listings

Saturday 9 September

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
0955 C4 Princess Nikki New!
1530CITV Jungle Run
1730ITV Television's 50 Greatest Stars Special
1745 C4 Deal or No Deal (S4C 1615)
1810BBC1 Weakest LinkSingers and/or dancers.
1900BBC1 Maria
1900ITV X-FactorThe tedious trio are still tearing up the country, looking for talent. If they don't find any, will they call off the show?
2000BBC1 Init To Winnit
2000ITV MillionaireFirst in the new series proper; lines close in April.
2015RTE1 Winning Streak
2100 G2 QI night Special
2115BBC2 The Story of Light EntertainmentFinal episode of the series, Variety. It's been an entertaining way to pass a Saturday night, but each episode did go on a bit.
2216TV5M Fort Boyard
2300Rad4 Brain of BritainThe dipstick of the mind returns, hosted by the very non-dipstickish Robert Robinson.

Sunday 10

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1204Rad4 Just a MinuteIn which Marcus Brigstocke and Graham Norton discuss cosmic ordering.
1810Mor4 Deal or No Deal
1900SKY1 The Match New!
2100 G2 QI night Special
2100BBC4 Face The Music Special


0700STYL Bargain Hunt (also 1400)
1000DSCI Junkyard Wars (also 1300, 1700)
1025TV5M La cible
1125CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1525)
1215BBC1 Bargain Hunt
1230ITV The Price is Right
1232TV5M Des Chiffres et des LettresLe series 2006/7 commencez ici. C'est partie, par ils dit a Charente-Maritime.
1300MOR4 Countdown (approx time)C4 episodes from 25 to 31 August.
1400CBBC Get Your Own Back
1515BBC2 Through the Keyhole
1530 C4 Countdown (S4C 1510, C4 rpt about 58 hours later; 1525 Mon)Caution: contains Pam Ayres.
1615 C4 Come Dine With Me
1630BBC1 50/50 (not Fri)
1645 C4 RTS Daytime Show Of the Year Deal or No Deal (S4C 1425; Mor4 1810)
1630BBC2 Let Me Entertain You
1715BBC2 The Weakest Link
1800BBC2 Eggheads (Scot: not Th) New!More repeats.
1900BBC1 Celebrity Masterchef (Scot: not Th) New!

Monday 11

1230BBC7 ISIHAC (also 1930)
1330Rad4 Brain of Britain 2006Heat 2: London.
1830Rad4 Just a MinuteClement Freud, Paul Merton, Ross Noble, Tim Rice. Last in the present series.
2000BBC2 MastermindIt's the last first round match! REM, Roger Brook, Summer Olympics, Che Guevara. There will be no University Challenge this week; instead, there will be a drama pretending to be a docudrama.

Tuesday 12

1230BBC7 The News Quiz (also 1930)

Wednesday 13

1230BBC7 Wireless Wise
1733TV5M Fort BoyardThe best moments, with all the characters we've come to know and love. Apart from those now working in the British Consulate overseas, natch.
2320BBC2 The Apprentice USANI 2350, 2W 0020

Thursday 14

1230BBC7 Just a Minute (also 1930)
2000BBC2 Dragon's Den (Scot 2100)
2000ITV2 Gameshow Marathon US3: Beat the Clock
2200BBC2 Mock the Week New!
2350BBC2 The Apprentice USANI 0020

Friday 15

1830Rad4 The News Quiz (also 1228 Sat)
1930BBC1 A Question of Sport
2002RTE1 Buille Faoi Thuairim
2030 C5 All Star Talent Show
2130 C4 Best Of The WorstTwo reasons to watch: Fearne Cotton and Mel Giedroyc.
2132RWal Jest a Minute

Saturday 16 (provisional)

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1530CITV Jungle Run
1745 C4 Deal or No Deal (S4C 1615)
1800ITV Saturday Night Takeaway New!Antan Dec's house party returns.
1855BBC1 Maria
1915ITV X-Factor
1955BBC1 Init To Winnit
2015RTE1 Winning Streak
2015ITV Millionaire
2216TV5M Fort Boyard
2300Rad4 Brain of Britain

Sunday 17 (provisional)

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1204Rad4 Just a Minute
1530CITV Jungle Run
1810Mor4 Deal or No Deal


Saturday and Sunday

0700The Crystal Maze
0800Gladiators New!
1000Catchphrase x3
1130Family Fortunes x3
1400Bullseye x3
1700Gladiators New!
1800The Crystal Maze
1900Bullseye x2 New! (Su Takeshi x2)
2000Fear Factor x2 (Su Takeshi x2, Fear Factor x1)

Monday - Friday

0900Supermarket Sweep
0930Wheel of Fortune
1000Catchphrase x2
1100Eggheads x2
1200Family Fortunes x2
1500Fifteen-to-One x2
1600Eggheads x2
1800Fear Factor
1900The Crystal Maze
2100Fear Factor

Channel abbreviations:

AONEAdventure One
BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
2W BBC2 Wales digital service
BBC7BBC7 (Radio)
C5 Five
DHL Discovery Home and Leisure
DSCIDiscovery Science
ITV ITV (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV UK Living TV
LIV2UK Living TV 2
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad4BBC Radio 4
RSctBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
S4C S4C (analogue)
S4CDS4C Digidol
SCOTScottish / Grampian (ITV in Scotland)
SKY1Sky Onc
SKY3Sky Thrcc
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5MTV5 Monde (Europe)
TG4 TG 4 (Irish)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV in Northern Ireland)

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