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A guide to game shows for the nine days commencing Saturday 16 September 2006

New and notable this week:

TMI, 9am Saturday, BBC2 and CBBC

The replacement for Dick 'n' Dom is hosted by Sam and Mark from Pop Idle II. Game show content is yet to be determined.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?, BBC1, 6.45 and 9.15 Saturday.

It's the grand final; by 10 o'clock, we will know who will be Maria on a west end stage. At least for one day.

Saturday Night Takeaway, ITV, 7.45 Saturday.

Antan Dec's house party returns for the first series in eighteen months. Little Ant and Little Dec are back, New items include Beat The Boys, a racing challenge with Fern Cotton and Gopherman, The Jiggy Bank, and Hook A Duck. Poker Face was two months ago.

Quote... Unquote, Radio 4, 6.30 Monday.

Don't forget to miss it.

Trust Me I'm A Holiday Rep, 11pm weekdays, Channel 5

Moderate celebs (Noel from Hearsay, Nancy Lam, Rowland Rivron) gee unwilling holidaymakers into a life of hedonism. If you're visiting Crete this week, beware.

The Slammer, BBC1, 5pm Friday.

Four teams of comedians enter a jail. Only the funniest will win their freedom. Look, it's better than X-Factor.

The full listings

Saturday 16 September

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
0900BBC2 TMI New!
1305ITV Millionaire
1530CITV Jungle Run
1620S4C Deal or No Deal x2
1745ITV MillionaireIt's not as though they've lost confidence or anything.
1750 C4 Deal or No Deal
1755BBC1 Weakest Link New!
1800BBC2 EggheadsScotland only
1845BBC1 Maria
1845ITV X-FactorThe tedious trio are run out of town in Dublin, Glasgow, and Birmingham.
1945ITV Saturday Night Takeaway New!
1945BBC1 Init To Winnit
2020RTE1 Winning Streak
2216TV5M Fort Boyard
2300Rad4 Brain of BritainEveryone on the show this week is over 60. Except Jorkins.

Sunday 17

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1204Rad4 Just a Minute
1530CITV Jungle Run
1750BBC1 Celebrity MasterchefScotland only.
1800TRUB Bump And Grind Ill New!In which athletic dancers compete in a talent contest. Judges include Liz from Atomic Kitten.
1810Mor4 Deal or No Deal


0700STYL Bargain Hunt (also 1400)
1000DSCI Junkyard Wars (also 1300, 1700)
1025TV5M La cible
1125CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1525)
1130BBC1 Bargain Hunt
1130 C4 The Deadly Knowledge Show New!
1230ITV The Price is Right
1232TV5M Des Chiffres et des Lettres
1300MOR4 Countdown (approx time)C4 episodes from 31 August to 7 September.
1400CBBC Get Your Own Back
1515BBC2 Through the Keyhole
1530 C4 Countdown (S4C 1510, C4 rpt about 58 hours later; 1525 Mon)Dr Phil Hammond will solve all your problems. Apart from the numbers games.
1615 C4 Come Dine With Me
1630BBC1 50/50 (not Fri)
1645 C4 RTS Daytime Show Of the Year Deal or No Deal (S4C 1425, Mor4 1810)
1715BBC2 The Weakest Link (We 1710)
1800BBC2 Eggheads (Scot not Th; 2W not Fr)
1900BBC1 Celebrity Masterchef (Scot: not Th)
2300 C5 Trust Me I'm A Holidy Rep New!

Monday 18

1230BBC7 ISIHAC (also 1930)
1330Rad4 Brain of Britain 2006Heat 3: The Home Counties.
1830Rad4 Quote Unquote New!
2000BBC2 MastermindR2: William Joyce, Sandman, Nobel Prize, Jilly Cooper.
2030BBC2 University Challenge (not 2W)R1: Girton Cambridge v Sussex.

Tuesday 19

1230BBC7 The News Quiz (also 1930)
2200BBC2 Old News New!Kirsty Young, Andy Hamilton, Peter Oborne. First broadcast 6 May 2005.

Wednesday 20

1230BBC7 Wireless Wise
2320BBC2 The Apprentice USANI 2350, 2W 0020

Thursday 21

1230BBC7 Just a Minute (also 1930)
2000BBC2 Dragon's Den (Scot 2100)
2000ITV2 Gameshow Marathon US4: Press Your Luck
2200BBC2 Mock the WeekEd Byrne, Jo Brand, Andy Parsons.
2350BBC2 The Apprentice USANI 0020

Friday 22

1830Rad4 The News Quiz (also 1228 Sat)
1930BBC1 A Question of Sport
2002RTE1 Buille Faoi Thuairim
2030 C5 All Star Talent Show
2130 C4 Best Of The Worst
2132RWal Jest a Minute

Saturday 23 (provisional)

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1530CITV Jungle Run
1745 C4 Deal or No Deal (S4C 1615)
1810ITV Saturday Night Takeaway
1910ITV X-Factor
1940BBC1 Noel Edmonds Does The Lottery
2010ITV Millionaire
2015RTE1 Winning Streak
2300Rad4 Brain of Britain

Sunday 24 (provisional)

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1204Rad4 Just a Minute
1530CITV Jungle Run
1810Mor4 Deal or No Deal


Saturday and Sunday

0700The Crystal Maze
1000Catchphrase x3
1130Family Fortunes x3
1400Bullseye x3
1800The Crystal Maze
1900Bullseye x2 (Su Takeshi x2)
2000Fear Factor x2 (Su Takeshi x2, Fear Factor x1)

Monday - Friday

0900Supermarket Sweep
0930Wheel of Fortune
1000Catchphrase x2
1100Eggheads x2
1200Family Fortunes x2
1500Fifteen-to-One x2
1600Eggheads x2
1700Family Fortunes New!
1730Catchphrase New!
1800Fear Factor
2100Fear Factor

Channel abbreviations:

AONEAdventure One
BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
2W BBC2 Wales digital service
BBC7BBC7 (Radio)
C5 Five
DHL Discovery Home and Leisure
DSCIDiscovery Science
ITV ITV (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV UK Living TV
LIV2UK Living TV 2
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad4BBC Radio 4
RSctBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
S4C S4C (analogue)
S4CDS4C Digidol
SCOTScottish / Grampian (ITV in Scotland)
SKY1Sky Onc
SKY3Sky Thrcc
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5MTV5 Monde (Europe)
TG4 TG 4 (Irish)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV in Northern Ireland)

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