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A guide to game shows for the nine days commencing Saturday 30 September 2006

New and notable this week:

One Against One Hundred (BBC1, 7.35 Saturday)

In which Dermot O'Leary hosts the new Dutch import that's going to take the country by storm. As we've been saying since 2002. It had better be good.

The Great North Run (BBC1, 9.30 Sunday morning)

Kathryn Apanowicz, Susie Dent, and Carol Vorderman will be walking in memory of Richard Whiteley. Donations

Battle of the Geeks (BBC2, 8pm Sunday)

In a pre-recorded programme, Richard Hammond asks teams of scientists and engineers to transport an egg across the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. Without breaking the egg or the canyon.

The Match (Sky1, 7pm Sunday and 10pm weeknights)

Graham Taylor has chosen his twenty-one celebrities, and must pick a starting line-up of eleven for next Sunday's match.

Jungle Run (ITV, 3.30 weekdays)

A repeat of last year's series. Still the best thing the channel will show all week.

Showbiz Darts (Challenge, 10.30 weekdays)

Celebrities playing darts, surprisingly.

Skatoony (Cartoon Network, 5pm Friday)

Real children compete against real cartoon characters for real prizes.

Saturday 30 September

0900DOCU Time Commanders
1100Rad5 Fighting Talk (also R Scotland) New!
1200STYL Bargain Hunt New!
1228Rad4 The News Quiz
1410ITV Millionaire
1530CITV Jungle Run
1530TV5 Questions Pour un Champion
1740BBC2 Eggheads (Scotland only)
1755ITV X-FactorThe boo camp. Continues 2010. There is no Millionaire this week.
1800 C4 Deal or No Deal (S4C 1615)
1855ITV Saturday Night Takeaway
1935BBC1 One Against One Hundred New!
2000RTE1 Winning Streak
2217TV5 La Carte aux TrésorsAs reviewed in the next Week.
2240BBC2 QI New!
2300Rad4 Brain of Britain"He was so convinced that he had come top of the exam that he sent his servant to find who finished second. It was him."
2310BBC2 Mock the Week

Sunday 1 October

0900DOCU Time Commanders
0930BBC1 The Great North Run
1204Rad4 Just a Minute
1530CITV Jungle Run
1805Mor4 Deal or No Deal
1900SKY1 The Match New!
2000BBC2 Battle of the Geeks New!


0700STYL Bargain Hunt (also 1400)
0900DOCU Time Commanders
1025TV5M La cible
1130 C4 The Deadly Knowledge Show
1232TV5M Des Chiffres et des Lettres
1300MOR4 Countdown (approx time)C4 episodes from 14 to 20 September.
1400CBBC Get Your Own Back
1515BBC2 Through the Keyhole
1530 C4 Countdown (S4C 1510, C4 rpt about 58 hours later)Richard Digance is in the Dell.
1530ITV Jungle Run New!
1605BBC1 Crush New!We've never quite worked out if this is a game show. Not Friday.
1615 C4 RTS Daytime Show Of the Year Deal or No Deal (S4C 1425, Mor4 1805)
1715BBC2 The Weakest Link (We 1710)
1800BBC2 Eggheads (Scot not Th)New episodes.
2200SKY1 The Match New!

Monday 2

1230BBC7 ISIHAC (also 1930)
1330Rad4 Brain of Britain 2006Heat 5: The Midlands. Hosted by Spangler Arlington McGrew.
1830Rad4 Quote UnquoteBoth Mastermind and University Challenge have been yanked from the schedule in favour of Bill Oddie's Autumnwatch. Neither show returns until 16 November.

Tuesday 3

1230BBC7 The News Quiz (also 1930)
2300BBC4 Old News SpecialAs part of Jack Dee Night, an episode featuring Jack Dee.

Wednesday 4

1230BBC7 Wireless Wise
1830Rad4 Banter New!The Top Three programme, hosted by Andrew Collins.
2320BBC2 The Apprentice USA

Thursday 5

1230BBC7 Just a Minute (also 1930)
2000BBC2 Dragon's Den (Scot 2100)
2000ITV2 Gameshow Marathon US6: Match Game
2100ITV Ladette to Lady
2200BBC2 Mock the WeekAndy Parsons, Mark Watson, Shappi Khorsandi.
2320BBC2 The Apprentice USA

Friday 6

1700BBC1 The Slammer
1700TOON Skatoony New!
1830Rad4 The News Quiz (also 1228 Sat)
1900BBC1 A Question of Sport
2002RTE1 Buille Faoi Thuairim
2030 C5 All Star Talent Show
2130 C4 Best Of The Worst
2132RWal Jest a Minute
2200BBC2 QI (not 2W)The next episode airs on BBC4 at 2230.

Saturday 7 (provisional)

0900DOCU Time Commanders
1100Rad5 Fighting Talk (also R Scotland)
1228Rad4 The News Quiz
1530CITV Jungle Run
1755ITV X Factor
1855ITV Saturday Night Takeaway
2005BBC1 One Against One Hundred
2010ITV Millionaire Back
2015RTE1 Winning Streak
2235BBC2 QI (NI 2345)
2300Rad4 Brain of Britain

Sunday 8 October (provisional)

0810CBBS The Shiny Show (also 1410)
1204Rad4 Just a Minute
1530CITV Jungle Run
1730 C4 Deal or No Deal (S4C 1615)Moved from Saturday to avoid a clash with the football. Wimp!



0700The Crystal Maze
0800Gladiators Leaving the 1996 International Tournament in a precarious position.
1000Catchphrase x3
1130Family Fortunes x3
1400Bullseye x4
1600Miss World Vote For Me
1900Miss World The Live Final
2100More Miss World Nonsense
2300Gambling Comes as a Merciful Relief


As Saturday except

1400Miss World The Live Final Repeated
1800The Crystal Maze
1900Yet More Miss World Gubbins

Monday - Friday

0700Going for Gold New!Well, hurrah!
0800The Crystal Maze New!It's like 1991 all over again.
0900Supermarket Sweep
0930Wheel of Fortune
1000Catchphrase x2
1100Eggheads x2
1200Family Fortunes x2
1430Catchphrase New!
1500Fifteen-to-One x2
1600Eggheads x2
1700Family Fortunes
1800Fear Factor
1900Roller Jam x2 New!Roller derby meets professional wrestling.
2000Bullseye x2
2230Showbiz Darts x2 New!What are you expecting here?

Channel abbreviations:

AONEAdventure One
BBC1BBC1 (Network unless otherwise noted)
BBC2BBC2 (Network unless otherwise noted)
2W BBC2 Wales digital service
BBC7BBC7 (Radio)
C5 Five
DHL Discovery Home and Leisure
DSCIDiscovery Science
ITV ITV (Network unless otherwise noted)
LIV UK Living TV
LIV2UK Living TV 2
MOR4More 4
Rad1BBC Radio 1
Rad2BBC Radio 2
Rad4BBC Radio 4
RSctBBC Radio Scotland
RUlsBBC Radio Ulster
RWalBBC Radio Wales
RTE1RTE1 (Irish)
RTR1RTE Radio 1 (Irish)
S4C S4C (analogue)
S4CDS4C Digidol
SCOTScottish / Grampian (ITV in Scotland)
SKY1Sky Onc
SKY3Sky Thrcc
TOONCartoon Network
TV3 TV3 (Irish)
TV5MTV5 Monde (Europe)
TG4 TG 4 (Irish)
UTV Ulster Television (ITV in Northern Ireland)

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